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Mild swelling in one leg

Hi everyone

Seem to be having a problem that my right leg is getting very mildly swollen towards the end of each day. Thought it might due to running the previous day but don't think it is because has happened bit too often. It does seem to go away on certain days.

Obviously the sensible decision would be to go the dr but was wondering if anyone else has experienced this?



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Hello Sinclair.

My mum has similar sometimes. She has some water retention and has to take pills for it. Her heart is not so strong now and she has to watch her diet especially her salt intake. She is 72 now.

I think getting a professional opinion would be a good thing. Wishing you well.

Cas xx


Hi, do seek professional advice as Cas suggests. Better to nip it in the bud. Good luck. P


I get swollen lower legs and ankles every day. The doctor initially thought it was heart failure but that has been ruled out. I've had a stomach scan but that was clear so I have to go back to the docs to see what can be done. It's so frustrating going back and forth to the doctors all the time! Hope they get you sorted out soon.


I've included a short blurb from the following link; for more information go to the site:

"...Cause of Lower Extemity Edema of the Leg / Foot

The etiologies of leg edema are multiple are there is a very long list of possibilities. Some of the more common causes include include kidney problems (kidneys are designed to rid your body of excess fluid), circulation diseases such as blood clots or venous valve insufficiency, heart problems such as congestive heart failure or arrhythmias, prolonged immobilization (such as during prolonged travel), surgery, physical trauma, pregnancy, medications such as hormone therapy, obesity, cancer, vein catheters, May-Thurner’s Syndrome, advanced age, lymphatic system damage, and infections...."

As you can see, there's often no simple 'one' answer to these things....




Thanks, just come back from the docs. 6 weeks of leg swelling. Water tabs then antis then water tabs again. Now I've just had a blood test for a blood clot. Well and truly fed up.


And just as an aside, I've found that when I sit on my dead arse too much (which we all do all the time), my legs swell and become a bit discolored. When I get up and make a habit of moving around...., it all gets better.

This is not to say there's nothing 'systemic' wrong (you're getting older, so things 'happen'..), it just to say, "Stiff upper lip, don't fret and carry on" !!

Keep on Truckin' !!!


i have 1 foot which swells to twice the size 1 doc said i had to get used to having 1 foot bigger than the other!


This is the giggle of the day!! Sorry, Christabella, I just had to laugh. I would go through Duncan's list to find which one seems to fit you (Although, I suspect your doctor is right!).


Think it is my weight mabe 1 side weighs more than the other lol


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