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Chest infection?

I have severe breathing problems and on non invasive ventilation.

I just wanna know I don't feel too good. My chest feels heavy and painful but can you have a chest infection without a cold & cough? & when I take my ventilator mask off my SATs drop & i am breathless.

I suffer from pneumonia a lot & collapsed lungs a lot so I am trying to work out if I am having that again but I don't have a cough or cold.

But I do feel under the weather.

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Rawr, get to a Dr now, especially so given your history of collapsed lungs and pneumonia. Please do not wait! Best Wishes, judg69


Agree with judg69 Doctor or A&e


Me too, this is urgent.


Hello Rawr. I think you need to have an x-ray to see if there is infection. I don't think anyone here can tell you for sure. It is risky to wait. Wishing you well.

Cas xx

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Get you doctor out right away or call a ambulance xxxx


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