The Wonders of Wythenshawe

So i finally got to see my new consultant in University hospital South Manchester to give it its grander title.

I journeyed in my baby Smart Car with baby o2 cylinder in passenger seat and matching Cannula up nostrils.Other motorists looked on enviously at this dapper driver with what must be the newest Smart Car accessory by Daimler.i just smiled and breathed in copious amounts of o2 whilst they struggled with their air con units.

Wythenshawe is not the most salubrious area of Manchester/Cheshire and the hospital borders a very large social housing estate where i have worked in the past as a BT engineer,on one occasion i had my van stolen whilst perched at the top of a telephone pole,fortunately i had access to approx 20 hot lines to call local "old bill" for assistance,Anyway get on with it you say!

Imagine a hospital with its own Lung Centre,with consultants who only specialise in respiratory diseases and deal with everything from Asthma to Lung transplants.I had indeed finally found the holy grail.I was weighed and bled before i even saw the consultant.A quick discussion then off to Xray.done in 10mins and back with consultant.Full Lung function tests and ambulatory assessment to be done within next 6 weeks and i even managed to scrounge a fit to fly/Hypoxic challenge test in 2 weeks time.

The only possible downside is that said consultant believes i have severe Emphysema but wont be sure until he has had CT scan done(another bonus point)Also he believes my severe weight loss and lack of appetite could be a result of my over consumption of red wine?Strange thought i,have you ever heard of any group of young or middle aged men going out for a skinful of beer who have declined a take away later due to a sudden lack of appetite?

If all else fails i am sure i can make my fortune marketing my new found and now medically endorsed slimming aid,i think we will call it the "Pinot Grigio plan"

Scruffy sends her love xx.....skis

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  • Sounds like a very satisfactory consultation SS. It's very comforting to be able to have confidence in your consultant and to get everything attended to in an efficient and professional manner. Doesn't happen too often, so cherish it. Last year when I was in hospital for the second time in three months, my consultant had a telephone conference with some of the consultants at Wythenshawe. he was very surprised that I had heard of Wythenshawe but we are all so well informed here, courtesy of HU.

    Have no idea about the wine and the weight loss but think you can count yourself lucky that your Daimler/Smart car wasn't nicked while you were inside. That's a very funny story about the van and the telephone pole. Best regards to Scruffy :)

  • with the parking costing £4 i would have sued the hospital for neglect.I did my own research on wythenshawe when my dear wife had her lobectomy and was cured of cancer so for me it was a no brainer as they say.xxScruffy says thank you

  • Well skischool sounds like a result hospital and consultant wise at least. Good to have the once over by an expert.

    Loving the sound of your diet but just wondered if a few G&T's could help me? Lol

    You take good care and love to you and Scruffy. Xxxxx

  • I too attend Wythenshawe hospital. The best consultants I have ever had, a great team.

  • Good to hear the Lung Centre has such a good reputation I am due to visit in September to be screened for lung coils so any confidence boosters are welcome. Good Luck with the rest of your treatment sounds like you are in good hands. X

  • Thinking about your Smart Car with the o2 cylinder in the passenger seat, made me wonder whether there is a market for blow-up type 'dolly bird' filled with o2. That would surely receive some admiring glances.

    I'm pleased to read that your lungs are receiving the attention they deserve. :-)

  • 😮😅😅😅

  • I don't think the dolly bird would work for me. :(

  • Not being sexist are you? There are male birds as well. ;-)

  • Wouldn't they be dolly blokes?

  • Dangerous road Don,do not take us down there please its a family site.xxxAlso you may upset the LGBT community so we would need various models of travelling companions.i will stick to neutral metalic buddy for now.x

  • I love my smart car. And I would love a blow up dolly dog in the passenger seat - good companion and wouldn't ever need to be walked.

  • Back-pedalling vigorously! :-o

  • I go to Wythenshawe Hospital, My oncologist is Dr Raphael Californo, he is ok. I have tried a few consultants from Christies aswel. They do there best. The only problem was with my last visit we were forgotten about, we arrived at 1:40pm and it was about 6:00pm when we got out. Someone a nurse had put my notes in the wrong trolley so we were told. I set out of my house that day at 12:noon so it was a long day. My notes had been placed on the trolley for patients who had not turned up. That's my moan over.

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