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Blood Gas /oximetry results

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Could any one help me understand my results these are last months when oxygen literage raised having another visit from oxygen nurse Friday possible raised again my results .

P A O 2 . 7.2 .

PC02 5 .88

PH 7.45 BE 7

Hc03 31.3

Would much appreciate it so I can compare with past readings

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Some bedtime reading for you, with a nice cup of hot tea.

Thanks Stone Franks Putting Kettle on now 😷

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skischool in reply to stone-UK

Six easy steps to blood gas analysis me thinks ?time 2 has much to digest with that cuppa.xx

Need a Diploma to get my head round that though one thing I found is that Beta Blockers could be a help to me my hubby mentioned that before because I do hyperventilate just done it to be truthful sats fell to 69 started to panic took over a hour for them to recover I'm just coming down from the ceiling now will be mentioning it to consultant tomorrow see what he says Best wishes xxx

Good job I'm getting eyes tested Saturday Definitley need new glasses my PH is actually 7.47

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DecD in reply to stone-UK

Good stuff ! Thank you, Stone.


It all does look very complicated but basically your blood wants to be in a neutral state.Your PH reading.think of neutral as your blood not being over acidic or over your case 7.45 is on the cusp of normal/alcolotic.your HCO3 or hydrogen carbonate ions .i believe created by the kidneys get raised when they are fighting alkolosis and are compensating to get the blood back to neutral.hence yours are raised.Just a starter for you ,i had similar readings which classified me as metabolicly alkolotic but at the end of the day it didn,t make a blind bit of difference in my condition time 2 and i am about the least educated guy on this site so please ask the respiratory team or better still your consultant to explain all the figures in a manner that advises and reassures you.good luck

Thank you I put the Wrong PH in post it is actually 7.47 so I will ask consultant if he gives me the answers thanks for taking time to explain

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