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Another step forward!

Dr just phoned to say that my last X-ray shows some residual pulmonary consolidation and will fast-track my appointment with specialist.

It's a little perverse to be so pleased about this but I've had to state my case so often and had my concerns dismissed for months that I'm feeling justified in badgering them so much.

Conclusion? You know your body and how you feel better than anybody else. Don't be afraid to self advocate or take a family member or friend to support you when seeking help.


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Are you going to have further tests to find out the cause?

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I hope so. I reckon that I've got the confidence now to ask more questions and get answers.



Ok it's just that consolidation can be caused by a number of factors and processes. I just wondered if they had any idea what the cause was in your case.


This is just a part of a long and tiresome health venture for me at last involving a specialist. My present state is exacerbated by asthma but may be residual damage and infection caused by lower lung infection 6 years ago.

I'm just relieved to be seeing a specialist instead of GPs and asthma nurse!


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