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Sick patients dying ‘unnecessarily’ in NHS because of poor care

Sound's about right really.

Some of the sickest patients that hospitals treat are dying unnecessarily because they receive poor care, blighted by shortages of staff and equipment, a new NHS inquiry has revealed.

A death rate of one in three among inpatients who need emergency help with breathing is already high by international standards, and is getting worse.

Truly is a national disgrace and i seen with what my dad went threw things are just as grim BUT am I surprised NO given hospital responce

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That's not good at all JAS but with a 1% pay cap nurses etc. are not encouraged to join the NHS. Xxx


Hi sassy could not agree more and given going on OR not with our gov I can't see things improving for few years

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That's shocking


If it was up to a certain Mr Hammond, he'd actually CUT nurses and doctors pay. He feels they get paid too much!


This needs to be sent to either your local MP or the Government. There already isn't enough care for people suffering from lung complaints but to starve people of oxygen is cruel. If everyone holds they're breath for as long as they can they would understand how cruel it is.

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How awful.


I went to Link meetings 10 ? yrs ago ,when on the Doctors' Surgery Panel .I wanted to find out how they were proposing to deal with the Chronic as couldn't understand why my multi conditions & disability had been targeted then neglected when asked for help when concerned Function -This is a special interest because of the NHS ' questionable & inappropriate ethos i.e.: only acute matters so it is they that given the Tests & Monitoring ? Symptons & NICE directives can be ignored till too late when acute .In this case it was Diabetes & COPD which don't have , as getting diagnosis & therapy like getting blood out of stone .I know from last year one this had caused Heart Failure?

What did I find ? Oh dear ! None of the relevant Organisation & patients were there only one elderly Asian man .

They [young ambitious Drs & technicians were proposing replacing seeing the Dr with swimming etc . I told them they must never do that as dangerous and should only be given if the person diagnosed had a specialist overseeing directing .

The diabetic Asian man agreed & we both came to the conclusion it was because of no Hippocratic oath as can be seen in latest tragic case of switching off respirators.They are doing as directed by Contract & Remit ?

What do I find 10 yrs later it is happening to me in fact can't even access the Integrated Services that need budgets being maladministrated if you have one when my problems probably Microvascular .

What does NHS do torture & bully via negligence then try to pretend it is Mental for economic purposes as they do with anyone with possible genetic Alzheimers/multi infart dementia !


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