Going And Living A little

Going And Living A little

As some will know i went to fancy dress COULD not decided on airline pilot or ship boat captain outfit.

After much thought and my confidance and orientation i went with captain outfit.

Needless to say had great night AND took my mind of symptoms doom gloom of my condition.

I started my emergancy antibiitics and the working good and not as chesty

Hope everyones ok and thanks for feed back on what to ware :)

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Looking great! :)

Hi cheers n thanks for T&C feedback :)

You look great Jeff. I'm so glad that you had a good time. It does us no end of good to take our minds off our woes for a bit.

Hi Littlepom Cheers thanks it defo took my mind of things don't think my kidney like it tho lol :)

Great song and great outfit JAS. Looking good! So glad you had a great time. Xxxxxx

Hi sassy cheers defo had one of them FEW goers said I needed to find my sea legs lol

You look great Jeff. Glad you had a good time. X

Cheers thanks :)

Glad you had a great night, looking like a cap'n x

End of the night was more like titanic :P

The white one suits you Jeff, glad to hear you had a good time. Hope your chest is better soon. Hows your Dad Keeping ?, good I hope. Everyone needs a break from routine now and then. Looking at your link above there is a punk rock show at our local theatre later in the year. New week , new beginnings enjoy your day.

Hi Katie Never knew was punk rock girl / chick :) but guess never really know ... I never knew I would end up with sailor captain outfit on.

Defo recommend leaving inhibition's at home and grabbing bull by the horm So to speak lol.

Dad's ok really IS blood test come back still of concern so expecting phone call from doc.

Do often wish I could be as brave as my dad WHEN it comes to my condition.

Cheers n thanks :)

Sounds like it worked wonders for your moral, have to make it a regular event to go out for a night I mean, even if only once every month or so. Will do your health wonders. :)

Good choice Jeff. So pleased that you had such a good night. XXX

love the 'whites' you look great xx

Talk about brave - my husband's daughter, Pam, has recently gone blind from diabetes - she was over at her sister's house when she thought she was going to the bathroom, opened the door, and fell down a flight of stairs onto the basement floor. A miracle that she wasn't killed - but she broke two vertebrae, and an elbow, plus huge bumps on her head. She thinks she may have gone head over heels as she fell. The steps were carpeted but the basement floor wasn't.

I went to see her Friday in the nursing home - she is in good spirits - she says she is not in pain - hard to believe with all that she has gone through. I have not heard her complain about her blindness - amazing! She has a positive attitude.

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