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Hi I was wondering how you decided on a user name I'm sure there are a few interesting stories I think mine is self explanatory lol and if you could see my face now you would think I had been on the drink .Friday night pillow falling of bed grabbed it and went parachuting out of bed result hit bed side cabinet one bruised face hope it fades before I see consultant and no I had nothing stronger than a de chaff coffee


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102 Replies

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  • Hope your feeling better today . Mines is my own name Angie and the cbr is the motorbike I ride x

  • My DaD had motorbikes wouldn't have a car mam wasn't pleased my brother and I used to fight to go on pillion you brought back memories with your user name thanks x

  • Lol I bet you had fun on the pillion with your dad I do love the older type bikes 2 stroke petrol can't beat the smell but not so much now lol xx

  • Once I burnt the soles of my shoes Dad was taking me to school and I had my foot on the the exhaust xx

  • Awww no lol poor you . Iv had to heat my gloves up on the exhaust a few times riding in Europe at night gets cold .we toured France and Spain and had to ride through the night a few times xxx

  • I know how cold it can get in Spain years ago Frank and I hired a bike in Ibiza went out early morning little top and shorts had a lovely day set. Of back to our hotel all of a sudden it was pitch black and freezing cold and we didn't realise how close we where to cliff edge and got sun burnt those where the days xxx

  • Good memories you have stored away in your head sounds like you had a lovely time of it on the bike and enjoyed the sun xxx

  • We sure did just wish I'd left the duty free cigs alone and we would be out there making more memory's Xxx

  • Hi Margaret hope you are a lot better today. My name Damon comes from one of my favourite programs.xxc

  • It's not the horror film is it can't believe state of my face looks like I've been beaten up lol xxx

  • My user name is after my dog. She is a Great English Mastiff cross. As a puppy her crimes were to numerous to list. She ate two settees! Dug a hole though the plaster board in the kitchen. Stole my Christmas dinner whilst I served others. Was found swimming in my next door neighbours fish pound. My back garden looks like a giant mole as attacked it. She loves digging. But when I have been down she always managed to make me smile.

  • She sounds a right pickle you will never be bored whilst she's around or have much money if you keep having to replace sofas but she makes you smile what more could you ask of her

  • Thankfully she's older now but still a very gentle dog.

  • Your dog sounds a character. This post made me laugh. Thanks for posting.

  • Cryin with laughter at the dog post so funny xxx

  • Mine comes from a protest our community did when Network Rail was going to cut down all the trees on the railway bank, and during the bird breeding season which is actually illegal. 3 of us women climbed the fence and chained ourselves to a large tree, long story. We were done for trespass of course but the whole community gave a pound each so we didn't have to pay our fines. And we won. The trees are still there several years later. My name is from my awareness and gratitude for the oxygen trees give off.

    Trees = oxygen = breath = life.

  • You are a woman after my own heart .I would have joined in your protest and loved every minute of it . I used to find out when the fox hunts were on here and 3 times poured petrol over the ground to put the dogs of the scent. As my hubby worked in the forest nobody knew any different until now iv declared it lol love the video xxxx

  • That's a really good one well done for standing up to the big guns and fantastic that the community supported you and even better you won x

  • Here's the Channel 4 youtube of it - seems a long time ago now. Im the one in the middle, kind of obvious, singing in hoarse steroid voice too close to the megaphone :D

  • Just watched Brilliant

  • That's wonderful. Good for you!

  • Well done O2Trees.

  • Brilliant O2. Xxx ๐Ÿ‘

  • Respect!

  • O2, you are amazing and so well done to you and your friends for winning the battle. And my, aren't you glamorous ? :)

  • You're too kind BJ !! It was a great time, happy to have been included in it.

  • I use moogle as a nick when I can. It's a creature from the Final Fantasy game series. The name sounds friendly and moogles look a little like a cat.

  • It Does sound friendly and the avatar makes me smile job Done

  • Mine stems from the fact that I used to write loads of poetry. Still do occasionally, but mostly can't be bothered now. Here's a sample =

    My Mother's Hands

    Blue veins criss cross

    as lines form patterns

    like parchment

    stretched across bone.

    Knuckles bulge

    like rocky outcrops

    in a barren landscape

    and fingers twist

    n complicated, alien shapes.

    My mother's hands -

    now mine.

  • That's a very moving poem.

  • That is so true you are really good take care

  • my name lejaya is a nickname I made up for myself after I broke up with an x in 2003

  • Thanks it's interesting to find out how we pick our names x

  • I chose Daisy at first.....I like gardening and I am a bit weedy...ha....but it was taken already. So knitter I am.....but my hands are like poems galores now , so not much knitting gets done for my charities anymore, sadly.

  • I'm sure you did plenty when you are able to its nice to know how we came about names take care

  • Dolly Pentreath was thought to be the last native Cornish speaker so I chose the name to honour my homeland!

  • What a lovely idea Best wishes

  • I had bright red hair as a child, hence carotopgal. I know it isn't spelled correctly, but some 20 years ago when AOL came out I had to have an ID and the correct spelling was already taken. :-)

  • Another good idea just great to find out other people's story ๐Ÿ˜ท

  • All this lot make my username sound rather boring,although now I can stick an "ex" in there.๐Ÿ˜ข

  • It's not boring it depicts who you are or where

  • So, you're not called Dave any more? ๐Ÿ˜œ

  • Where would we be without our posties Dave?

  • There would be less waste paper and more trees probably,not such a bad thing.(davetheexpostie)๐Ÿšฎ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Not the postie's fault Dave. Blame the companies that keep spitting out junk mail.

  • True and posties would suffer with bad backs.

  • Oh, just saw I put "would" - meant "wouldn't" of course. Still I think you got it Dave :)

  • Simple mistake.๐Ÿ˜€

  • Skischool because its where i started a 25 yr love affair with my dear wife,shame about the ligament damage but she forgave me

  • That's a lovely story not the ligament damage lol xxx

  • thank you for a very clever,s certainly involving everybody with many amusing tales.xx

  • No reply needed from me :)

  • Squawk squawk!

  • I just looked in the mirror lol! 59 was my age when l joined HU. Xxxxxxx

  • Thanks sassy if only we could turn the clock back xxxx

  • My name is ROSAlie ElizaBETH can't forget it. I do use another name sometimes which is Montyesther Monty and Esther were my two cats and this name I made as a memorium Monty was a Burmese and Esther was a Bengal they adored each other and I love useing their names. I could never forget them but it brings them closer somehow.

  • Thanks RosaBeth what a nice tribute to much loved pets xxx

  • Moody is my surname, it's not because I'm moody (although some might argue with that).

    And girl...I wish hahaha


  • You and me both lol ๐Ÿ˜ท

  • I got my nickname, from the advert for oxo on TV as I was a cook/chef before I retired.

  • That's a good one x

  • The Lyn is first three letters of my name the isa is last thee letters of my daughters Lisa

  • Nice one goes well

  • Pogle as in the tv series when I moved from southwest to yorkshire. At school they assumed I was from a farm near London. Yorkshire is closest to London I've ever lived. Added the i when wanted short Id for aol.

  • Thanks not sure I know tv programme but good one

  • Pogle's Wood (Watch with mother 1966-8) Oliver Postgate's Smallfilms

  • my watch with mother was Bill and Ben Woodentops etc

  • An interesting question, Time_2_drink. I served with the Royal Engineers,

    so Sapper 21 came to mind. Albert, 83.

  • Thank you Albert. I thought it would be interesting to see how user names came about and it brightened up my Sunday. with all the responses take care

  • For 30 years I was an Office Equipment Technician. A corotron is a high voltage wire in a photocopier so I chose that name. I am really only 5 volts or less personally, lol. Thanks for all the other name explanations.

  • Interesting that would be a good quiz question I bet not a lot of people know that

  • I chose mine because my neighbours car was sitting outside my living room window and it was a Citroen Picasso 3 and it was a 10 registration.

  • So it was a lightbulb. Momment as the saying goes

  • when I came on to this site some years ago I was new to computers, new to copd and a little bit green and wet round the gills. I'm welsh so chose the shortest, greenest, welsh word that I felt describes me - letys (lettuce). And so there you have it xx.

  • Thanks a new word learnt

  • I'm Catfinger77 because 5 years ago my daughter's cat Pogue bit me when I tried to put him in his carrier. By next morning, my hand had swollen and a red line was starting to run up my arm. Got a systemic infection and was in the hospital for a week and needed two operations to clean the infection out and repair the finger. Dear Pogue is still with my daughter but I avoid him.

  • I Don't blame you you need a suit of armour when you visit how awful for you though

  • Great post T2D and really interesting replies. It makes me ashamed to admit that there's no story and no meaning behind my choice of name. I was trying to think of something and the song 'Billiejean' just passed through my mind for no reason whatsoever. But maybe there's a slight element of disguise there as well. In other words, it bears no relationship or resemblance to my life, whatsoever. Usually I choose passwords that are meaningful ( to me) and for some reason I just wanted to come here with a clean slate and no identifying features :) And it worked :) I like being frivolous Billiejean, she's so different from the more earnest me :)

  • Well I think you have chosen a name that gives you another persona. and there is nothing wrong with that carry on being frivolous ๐Ÿ˜ท

  • Hope you feeling better. I quit smoking because my daughter kept asking me to quit, and her name is Nikki take care

  • Thanks the briuise the n my face is a right mess and I have to see consultant looking like this well done for stopping so your name is that honour your daughter best wishes

  • Favourite fish was called ...

  • Would it Be Fiona by any chance lol

  • I decided on mine (Lady 11) because every where I go I see 11 .. I will find a dime and for sure there will be a penny close by , I see licence plates that say 911 , I look at a clock it will be 911 or 11:11 .. so wierd.. 11 is also associated with angels , spirits etc .. Thus I am a Lady 11 ..... that's my story and I'm sticking with it lol ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • That is so weird. I see the same 11 11. On the clock all the time I can not have looked at the clock for hours and then look and there it is 11 11 Dint know about it being connected to Angels etx fascinating

  • No thought process behind my username. My wife and I use a shared username for some things, and I lazily chose to use it for this forum

    Brian :)

  • So I guess your wife Is Sarah ๐Ÿค”

  • Sara without the H ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • Oops it was in the name sorry brain freeze. Lack of sleep

  • OMG !!! Look at you Time_2_drink and all the replies you've had. Around 90 when I last looked. That could be a record,so it show's you picked a really terrific subject to talk about. So sorry I'm probably the last to reply....let's put it down to me generally being in the slow lane for most things nowadays lol!

    My name has more to do with my parents who used Squirrels Holt as their house name,back in the day when folk did that sort of thing. I never really understood it as "Squirrels" dont make a nest called a "Holt"? I'm sure that's another animal-badger or otter's?Anyway that's my name.

    Just on another note,T2D you're sounding far more positive which is great news.

  • It's an interesting subject isn't it by the way your right with Otter so you were posh then with a house name lol .just back from hospice men had a lager in the garden we women got soft drink sexist .Had my accupuncture. you wouldn't think I was positive this morning 3 hours sleep 2till 5 still took me 4 hours to get down stairs. We have actually got sun yesterday and today for a change๐Ÿค‘

  • Oh blinking heck T2D, I dont know how you managed to even get dressed with a smidgen of sleep. I know if I've had a particularly bad night,then I totally struggle to even get upright lol! Oh yes,I was once SO posh (not) but love the idea of it,so you can call me Lady C!!! Oh if only- just to have the financial stability would be wonderful. Still,life is full of the unexpected so I'm waiting for my knight in shinning armour to appear. You've done so very well going to your appointments and getting the acupuncture etc. Tell Frank he should've shared his lager!!!

    Well done you as today is hot and you say you've had a sunny day also.

  • Lady Ah Ah yes if only like me being called Margaret Rose after princess Margaret only thing in common is name oh no she used to smoke and was partial to a gin and it so I was aptly named

  • Hi Margaret, mine is really simple. My dad always called me Annie - he was the only person I allowed to do so, so is special to me for that reason otherwise I hated being called that. I have a sister-in-law who insists on calling me that and I still hate it, silly I know how things can still rankle one! By the way I'm not 31 either! It's the number of my childhood address!

  • I know what you mean about calling you something that is a special name someone close to you uses .When I was a child a girl called for me and said is Maggie in my dad said nobody here by that name I always get my full title other than my brother in law calls me Mary sometimes

  • Yes, I am one for using full names I'm afraid, I named my two daughters Abigail and Sophie - they get called Abs and Sop by other people which absolutely infuriates me - they don't like it either! My sons are Simon and Luke and oddly no-one seems to change their names!

  • My son is called Darren he gets called Daz not by me I hasten to add My husband is called Frank some people lengthen it to Frankie he's not keen

  • I don't blame him!!

  • Meant to be Marg

  • Not very interesting I am afraid, I play Canasta 3 times a week and prefer playing with a partner hence the 4.

  • Never heard of that game for years and it is interesting it means something to you

  • I am not sure if I pressed report if I did I apologise fat fingers

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