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Checking in

Thought I'd post something so you know I'm here! I need to discuss something but frightened to post it. I'm sure if I did I'd get the support and I would hope it may reduce my anxiety and resolve some issues I have. Still I hesitate. Not to worry. Some thing else then an update.

Since March I've been on a rebuild programme since my dabble with tranquillisers late last year culminating in my getting off my bike after only three mins (I normally did 60 mins ) Dec 12th. I got steadily worse till March when I visited my specialist who after full interrogation put her finger on the herbs (TELL THEM EVERYTHING -we've all got anxiety but what we take for it we have to be CAREFUL) lot of damage done! Sistolic just under the 160, heart up in the early hundreds. Spo2 dropped even at rest!

After the lecture (for the delay I apologise to the next patient) I got back with regime and now in mid July can boast 16 min bike, weights 4 sets upper body exercises at 5 kilos. And my yoga breathing exercises both breathing and anxiety breathing. Still slowly catchy monkey!

I'm 70 in August 12th you'd think I'd have learned by now. Listen to the Doctor or don't go.

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Glad you're doing so much better. Hope it continues for you.


Glad things are improving for you we all do silly things at times take care

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Hi Joke, well can I wish you a happy birthday for August early as I will be away then. Glad you are improving in your fitness again, as you say slowly does it and you will get there. Take care.

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