Huge Beast blocking footpath!

Huge Beast blocking footpath!

Guess what? We changed direction! At least I wasn't thinking about my lungs for a short while! 🤣 It had escaped from a nearby field! It was snorting and raising its head! Yikes!


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38 Replies

  • It looks VERY close!

  • Too close!!! Just appeared! Strolled out of field. Good job we weren't any nearer! I just froze and hid behind my husband! 😀

  • I would have thought you would have stepped in front of your husband to protect him. :)

  • A very handsome beast though.😮🙂 Nice pic' by the way.

  • Thanks. He seemed to be sort-of 'entertained/amused' by our presence! Me... I was just terrified and intimidated x

  • A handsome boy but not that close lol nice pic xxx

  • Hope you took husbands trousers to the dry cleaners?cracking picture he looks quite majestic.x

  • OMG! I would have been frightened death, looks like a young bull!

  • He did look young but 'fully formed' 🤣x

  • Thank goodness he didn't charge GeorginaS . You are brave. I would have sunk to the ground , curled up into a ball and begged for mercy. 😑 xx

  • I was terrified hence hiding behind husband. The thing was I was too frightened to move one way or another. I checked out 'leaping' into field out the way! Like that would have been possible! The 'leaping' that is 🤣 I did however think it would be ironic if he'd charged as I'm so worried about my lungs, they would have been the least of my problems if he had! Funny.... after the event 🤣x

  • How terrifying. I hope he was safely returned to his paddock. 😑

  • He just walked back into the field but there was no barrier so he could just walk out again if he wanted too!

  • A tad dangerous I would think? Did the take the picture? How'd you manage not to shake? 😑

  • I took the picture. I take hundreds of photos so I just did what I'd normally do but much, much quicker! I was very frightened as you don't expect a bull to be able to just wander around. We met a couple further up the road and they had a dog off a lead with them. They were heading in the direction of the bull so I warned them, especially because the dog might have upset it!

  • A beautiful animal there. My brother and I a few years back, while riding motor Cycles in South Dakota came up on a herd of Buffalo on the road. We quietly passed around them while they were feeding... LOL... a few miles on we came up of a Bull Buffalo, had to weigh 1500 pounds or more. (Not sure of Kg)

    This buffalo had the road blocked and walking down the mountain in the Middle of the road. When he stopped a car coming from the other direction by moving over in its lane and staring in the windshield at the family. we saw our chance and hit the gas and sped past him not stopping or slowing down until we reached the bottom. He was close enough, would have reached and petted him, but we thought better it.

  • Good grief! Now that is an impressive account. I can't imagine how I would have felt if that had happened to me!

  • Lol looks very friendly to me. I walk though them most days when I go though the fields. Normally very friendly animals. But if you have not grown up around them they could be intimidating.

  • He was quite cute and very good looking. He also looked like he knew I was terrified and was sort-of amused by it. He looked lovely and healthy.

  • My wife is the same she just freezes. I will pat them. Most of the time they see a human and think it's the farmer coming to give them extra feed. That's why they tend to follow you.

  • Goodness!!! I would have loved to be able to pat the bull (love animals) but couldn't imagine being brave enough. The thought of being 'followed' by a bull terrified me 🤣

  • The vast majority of the time they are very gentle animals.

  • Whyyyy....., that's udderly ridiculous !!! But a bully good pic nonetheless...; next time don't be so cowed.

  • Made for an interesting walk Georgina! He's a handsome chap.....Xx

  • To keep still then very slowly walk backwards out of sight is the safest thing to do. Don't run or a bull will chase you out of curiosity. That one looks friendly. Time to worry is when he paws the ground.

  • If pawing the ground had started I have no idea what I'd have done then!!! Faint perhaps !

  • Dived into the nearest bush and kept very still?

  • 😀

  • Oh lord what a thing to happen! Bulls can be unpredictable. Definitely avoid them when the ladies are in season. A few years ago my young adults, father and I were out walking when we found ourselves crossing a number of open fields containing a young bull and cows. He saw us and started to run on our direction. We reached an open hedge line so we weren't directly in his sight line and he stopped but he started jogging toward us again. Thankfully we made it out of the field in one piece, mostly because the cows were in the opposite direction and they were his main focus. I will never willingly put myself near a bull. I used to work with cows and they were docile and friendly. That bull was not.

    Glad you weren't hurt and you took an excellent picture.


  • Good grief! I'd have fainted then trampled! Terrifying! Glad you lived to tell the tale. I'm not keen on any large animal as they are unpredictable. I love taking photos. I've written a few books and I did the photographs for them as well as other publication front cover photos. My first reaction (after fear) was to photograph it. Very handsome chap x

  • Wow really! My daughter is an excellent photographer. She recently finished an A level course on photography and her images are truly excellent. She completed a two year course in one year. Considering she'd not really done any photography beforehand I suspect it's a natural talent. I'm sure she'd be interested to see some of your work. I would too. 😁


  • Good Morning GeorginaS - Brilliant. Huge & Handsome. Great picture. Thank you. Winterhill40

  • Aw...thanks x

  • Scary 😬

  • and Yikes from me too - a lucky escape I feel ........ nothing like a bit of imminent danger to concentrate the mind .......... pleased you got away xxx

  • It was funny as I did literally think my lungs were totally insignificant in the moment x

  • Great picture stopped you from thinking about your health I am amazed at you people with your health problems you are still able to laugh great! I dont know if you have of it but I have been taking a capsule called serranol which is supposed to clear the lungs and airways for the last 5 weeks and it seems to be working just thought some of you would like to try it

  • That drug sounds like my lungs would like it. Me too. Thank you x

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