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Hi Everyone, I started coughing and spitting up lots of mucus in January along with a very bad runny nose.Antibiotics did not clear all this and then a CT Scan proved I had Bronchiectasis and Hi. I am 73 years old now and worried about this condition.. Going to my Doctor's Chest clinic Wednesday for a vaccine injection.and also going to start breathing exercises. I am also Diabetic on insulin and also Periferal Neuropathy. Been reading all the comments on here and very grateful to All of You for your Posts. Thank You and Keep Smiling. !!!!

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Hi rontib. So you have been told that you are now a member of a very select club. The bronchs! There are quite a few of us on here and some us, like me, have been members all of our lives. We have led very full lives and are still giving it plenty.

The most important thing is that you are in control. Unfortunately most GPs know very little about it and respiratory nurses even less ( ours can't even say it) so we have to help them to help us. You don't say whether you were diagnosed by a consultant or by the GP getting the scan result. With bronch you need to be under the permanent care of a bronchiectasis specialist. You can find one close to you by looking on the internet. They are usually based at big teaching hospitals. They will decide what treatment you need ( which antibiotics, in a large enough dose for a long enough time when you get an exacerbation ) and will inform your doctor how to treat you. You should always have an emergency supply of the correct antibiotic at home. You should also have access to a specialist physio at the hospital who will teach you how to get the mucus out of your lungs.

When you go to your GP for a refererral to the consultant do not take no for an answer.

For yourself - it is important that you clear your lungs of mucus every day to stop germs having a party and exacerbations setting off.

Eat well, stay away from other people's germs and smoke and exercise, walk etc as much as you can.

Remember, you are the same person now as you were before your diagnosis and in fact, things are looking up because you will soon be getting the right treatment and be in control of it.

Good luck do let us know how you are going on.

I am off to the daughter's allotment now to do her watering whilst she is away.


Thank you for your kind comments.The diagnosis was told to me by my Doctor who had sent me for a CT Scan. I have as yet not been referred to any hospital or consultant.I am taking Mucodyne Capsules to help clear the Mucus from my ches. However I am going to see my Doctor on Wednesday and will have a chat with him and my need to see a Specialist who deals with our illness. I will let you know the outcome. Thank You once again for replying and helping me feel better, Kind Regards. Ron.


You're welcome Ron. Let us know how you go on


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