Hi, when I phoned the DWP on the 6th July I was told they turned me down for my reconsideration and they said they sent a letter to me on the 4th of July, I received that letter on the 14th of July, how does it take 10 days for a letter posted on the 4th to come to my letter box, they have cut my appeal time from 30 days to 20 days should i mention this in my appeal, and do I have less chance if I let them deal with it on papers I'm going into hospital Sunday for them to collapse my lung and take lots of biopsies of the damage from asbestos the DWP are messing me about at a time I could do without it, I contacted my MP yesterday but waiting for a reply! all this because the lady in the face to face meeting who was not a doctor did not examine me and refused to look at all my consultant's reports she ticked wrong boxes from what I told her which took my mobility off me by just 2 points, I will have to travel 64 miles round trip to see the asbestos consultant knowing my condition will get worse, not better.


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12 Replies

  • That is disgusting ,my understanding is if you have asbestosis you are entitled too a higher payment and compensation . Speak to your consultant about this also get some help in your claim

    I wish you all the luck in the world

    Take care


  • Thank you, Dorothy, What got me is I was sent for 2 examinations in 2 days the first face to face (not a doctor) deducted my DLA from 12 points to 10 points refusing to look at my evidence, 2 days later examined by a DWP doctor given a good examination and looked at all my evidence and she gave me 55% disability, so I'm 55% worse on top of the DLA going for PIP and they take my mobility from me ???? its a joke.

  • I have plural thikening worked in school that had asbestos ,but told they can't say it is that because I smoked ,but when I die my family can ask for a post mortem!!

  • Unbelievable hope they get cops change their minds quickly then

  • Sorry not got glasses on. Copd

  • The minds of some of these people are unfathomable. I had exactly the same sort of problem when applying for benefits for my autistic son. Do they ever listen ? Good luck with your appeal xx

  • This is horrible for you Cory. I know I can't do or say anything to make it better, just know that I am thinking of you and hope your MP can look into matters for you. xx

  • Omg what a joke. My heart goes out to you. Keep fighting everying

  • Hi Cory, You have been busy. Your right the letter delay has technically cut your appeal time but do mention it in your leave to appeal letter & to your local MP. I presume your illness is due to working in poor conditions in the past as you mention Asbestos. As if theillness is not enough the DWP assessor wants to be blind to the truth also by changing what you have said, it is not good enough. A tip sometimes a private medical can help your case, if you can afford one of course. Best Wishes and don't let them grind you down, never quit if you think your entitled.

  • And all at a time when I've just come out of hospital, they took me In to collapse my lung and do lots of biopsy's to see how much damage the asbestos is doing, It's disgusting how they treat people with such a terrible disease, Anyway it's in the hands of my MP now so just wait and see what happens he can't believe the DWP put me 55% more disabled and deducted my 12 points mobility down to 10 ?

    Many thanks take care.

  • Every best wish with the appeal & your health. Hope your Mp can lighten some of the stress for you. Take care

  • I hope your MP does get things sorted they can do something about it, my early farce with DWP and my ESA which took 13 months to get sorted in the end and went to Tribunal.

    I bought up the empty Box lifter criteria for saying people are fit for work, As I was they said for me! With my MP and that has now been removed! ;)

    I was told letters I sent were not being received so I ended up sending either by recorded delivery or I got the JSA to fax them though, that way they had an appointment date and it was sent from their own agency NO Excuses!

    Be Well

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