Last night

Last night go to bed around 1.00 am up by 3.00 with pain I have never felt before in fact if I did not know better I would have said I broke my shoulder on the right side and going down my back to about hafe way down my back so. Have to get up to try and get ride of the pain tryed movie my arm in different ways but then I tryed my arm and my waist no good then my arm and neck no good so just sat here had a cup of coffe and just sat and put my arm on the work sureface and stayed there till 5.00 then the pain got easier so went back to bed the is the bad news good news is as I have now got alsimers mild I have been given a tablet for it and geust what I have been breathing better and not take in gym blue pump all the time well I thought it was great news so when I go to see my copd nurse on Monday I will tell him and see what he says HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND ALL

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  • Hi David, has the pain in your shoulder eased off now, do you need to get some help?

    I am sorry that they think you are starting with memory difficulties, but I am glad your breathing has improved.

    Thank you for wishing everyone a great weekend, it's been raining here but easing off now.

    Take care

  • Thinking of you David and hope you get all the help you need with pain and Alzheimer's. Wishing you well and take care xxxxxx

  • Thanks I just hope I do not get the same pain to night and I get one good night sleep this week

  • Hope your pain has eased David glad you not having to use inhaler so much take care now

  • Good and Bad news then David12, hope the pain is still better than during the night. Whats that pill they gave you we could all do with one of them ? :) if it makes breathing better. Bit like the epiletic pills that help arthritic pain. Enjoy the rest of your weekend .

  • Reminds me of the pain I get when my gallstones start playing up ... go get it checked out cos it can only get worse and anybody who has them knows just how much worse !!!that is !! .... take care xxxx

  • Hope you feel better soon.

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