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A good little update

I don't post often and thought to myself it's about time to drop by again.

As you may know I've been diagnosed for a couple of years. Smoking caused my copd and I've been battling to quit ever since.

Since my little scare with my spirometer results a few months ago (I had a false reading of 37 percent, but more recently confirmed actually 60 percent ) I've not smoked and had some hypnotherapy to help.

I've been able to get out on my bike and really make some progress!

I've also started jogging a couple of times a week just to use different muscle groups. I find the jogging very hard but I know it's doing me good.

I had the day off work yesterday so packed some food and drinks and jumped on the bike at 6:15am . I spent the whole day out on the bike and arrived home at 4:30 after completing just over 100 miles!

Although I feel very sore and tired today, I feel accomplished and happy! It's something I had to share , exercise is so good for us! Little by little we can all accomplish our goals however small they may seem at the time! Little goals lead to great achievements 😊

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Well done for battling the nicotine and for the bike ride. :)

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I'm impressed! You're right about exercise. Even though I play golf 3-4 times a week in the summer, it doesn't really stretch my lungs and I know it's something we should all be doing.



All I can say is - Crikey! And well done of course :)


I think it would take me about six months to do 100 miles on a bike, so that is very impressive.


Good for you - sounds like a cracking day out :)


Thankyou all for your lovely comments . It was indeed a lovely day out, the blt sandwich at the halfway point was especially nice. I try to get out a few times a week now either cycling or jogging. I find it's the best medicine going and as well as helping the lungs it really makes you feel like you're achieving something


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