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Is Short breath possible because of gastric problem ?

please help

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  • Hi Aale. Gastric type problems like heart burn, indigestion, dyspepsia and acid stomach don't cause shortness of breath, however like heat cold wind smoke strong smells excitement fright overeating, over drinking and lots and lots of other issues just make breathing a bit more difficult. If you do have regular gastric issues I suggest you see your GP and get something like ~~Ranitidine~~ cheers. Gerald.

  • Hi Aale - yes it can be. Acid reflux, the kind (called silent reflux) where the acid gets right up your oesophagus and into your airways, can cause asthma like symptoms. Ive no idea if this is what's happening with you of course as shortage of breath can be due to many different causes. So have a chat with your doctor.

  • In other matters, when I'm short of breath mornings and afternoons, a bowel movement seems to help immensely; I suppose it has to do with "overcrowding" of my innards or some such.

  • Hi I had shortness of breath and really bad heart burn I have totally changed my diet to mainly fruit veg and no red meat I also had a bug in my stomach which I was prescribed strong antibiotics for I am much better now I still have copd but I can do so much more now and getting stronger every day it's worth a try but it's always best to see your GP first

  • I believe it can, I have this issue. I've been diagnosed asthmatic but I know that it is my stomach that is the problem. When I eat, no matter what, my breathing is impaired. Too much acid and although I have tablets to help with excess stomach acid I think they are making the problem worse. No one is listening to me. Trust your instinct.

  • GERD can cause shortage of breath. I take 15mg of lansoprazole daily to counteract this.

  • Yes. Hiatus hernia where part of the stomach is in the chest cavity can give you both eating and digestion problems, acid reflux and reduced space for your lungs. Usually diagnosed with x-ray. Mine required an operation to fix.

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