I just go told I had COPD last week and told to stop smoking it now 8 days off the cigs

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  • Hi Kev and welcome to the forum. Many congratulations on reaching 8 days. Keep it up. :)

  • It mite sound silly but I feel better just after 8 days and I'm only on pachers so I think I can keep going

  • Not silly at all. I used patches too. :)

  • How long have you been on them x

  • I used them for 12 weeks and then was clear. My husband used them for 16 weeks. Healthunlocked have a quit site that you may find helpful. You can join there as well as here for extra support.

  • Thank you 😄


  • Keep going - it's a hellish process but the rewards are there. Good luck.

  • Well done Kev, you're doing great :)

  • Welcome Kev and well done you. A lot of us (myself included) know how hard it is to give up the smokes and we know what you're going through, but you can do and need to do it for your own sake. You ABSOLUTELY will feel the difference. Go you x

  • Welcome Kev, you're doing well so keep going. Take care xxxx

  • Thank you xxx

  • Keep going mate, best thing you can do! Lots more benefits down the road.

  • Well done! You're doing fantastic!

  • Well done Kev. Keep at it. XXX

  • Thanks xxxx

  • Good for you!! And welcome to the forum!

  • 👍👍

  • Welcome and keep going there's brill people on here

  • Hello Kev67 . Welcome and so glad you are here. Well done!! Right days off. That's an achievement. Keep going. xx 🌿🌷

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