Feel like giving up

after posting about going on oxygen soon getting really down after picking myself up from massive depression in April am back where I started after getting worse after s clot and terrible gout I feel all the fuhgt has gone from me

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  • Hi Margie2553 I am sorry to hear you are feeling so down. You could try accessing one of the sites on here that helps with depression:

    healthunlocked.com/anxiety-... or


  • Dear friend, I wish I could say something that could help. Are you on any meds for depression or seeing a dr for this? I am not on oxygen yet but it is a constant worry for me. People who have been on it for a long time seem to adjust & do well. Take care, Gayle

  • been on meds since April as soon as I deal with things something else crops up and pulls me back I try so hard mainly because of my wonderful hubby and kids sometimes the mental anguish is worse than the physical thanks for caring

  • Those of us that have family for support are very lucky. I agree that the mental anguish is terrible. You have managed to push through this before so hopefully you will again. Take a deep breath & try to calm your mind down.

  • Yes you often get spells where everything happens at once doesn't it? In fact I worry when life is plain sailing coz I know it won't last.

    You are not back to square one though as you have gained more knowledge of your depression and how to deal with it. Every experience is a learning curve after all.

    You are allowed to feel down and depressed sometimes you know. I get like this then a few days or a week later I am back up and back to the fight. Life can still be hard sometimes though. Take care.

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