I feel so unwell and now ive been given steriods

Hi im new to this site. Anyway i went to the doctors this morning because i was feeling so unwell. My oygen level was 92 he gave me some strong antibiotics and some steroid tablets. I have to be careful because im on 200mg of morphine and orimorph because of a simple operation that went horrendously wrong. I ended up in intensive care. Anyway yesterday i was shaking and constantly sleeping then waking up and shaking. My gp said my tonsils were very large and at the bttom of my neck hair line was very swollen. Very swollen glands on one side. I was so frightened this morning when i felt that . I do have inhalers but there were useless. Im still frightened

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Hello Bobsies and welcome to the forum. Infections can be frightening but the steroids and antibiotics working together will help. If you are still feeling very unwell after a couple of days do go back to your GP as sometimes it takes time to find the right antibiotic.

Hello there Bobsie, sorry you are feeling so unwell and frightened, it sounds as though you GP has given you the steroids to reduce the information causing your breathing difficulties and the antibiotics for your infection, you can call 111 anytime with concerns about the medications you are taking and their interactions if you are unable to reach your doctor's or it is out of hours. Swollen gland especially in the neck can come up rapidly and only on one side usually the side where the infection is worse, the antibiotics should start to work on the infection soon though our glands can remain a little swollen a small while after an infection has subsided, keep an eye on anything worsening and go back to your GP if you are not starting to improve after a couple of days or so. Fear and anxiety can often cause us to feel breathless through rapid breathing or hyperventilating, making us also feel more anxious, there are lots of relaxation techniques that deal with breathing on the internet, strange as it sounds I have personally experienced this myself during a very stressful time I could not believe the difference my breathing technique made to how I felt. All the very best.

hold on in there - we all have some idea of what you are feeling - it is lonely it is frightening but and it is a big but you do get through it - it will pass - all things pass even this - hold on let the drugs work - sleep as much as you can - be gentle with yourself hold on drink lots of water hold on xxx

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