I was short of breath and had a constant cough, pain in my right shoulder and wrecked. My doctor prescribed antibiotics plus steroids. No relief, returned to doc. Examined again fluid on lungs, my doc prescribed 375mg coamoxicav plus 125 mg of ??? Acid.Tablets Ankles very swollen Returned to doc who said fluid had moved but chest tight and prescribed claritromycin 125 mg pls prednisolene 5mg. My heart is pounding and I'm feeling very tired. I'm on 20 mg of lercanidipene for high blood pressure. Could tablets cause this. My ankles are sworn again. MBAC

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Tell doctor you want to go to hospital or just go to casualty .

Thank you.

The coamoxiclav works in two ways, first there is the amoxicillin the antibiotic and then clavanic acid which breaks down the cellular wall of bacteria. The Swollen ankles could be due to a number of reasons and the the safest advice would be to return to your GP. I can think of at least three systemic problems that could cause this plus many other causes including medications. You need to go back to your GP for answers.

Thanks for that. Spoke with doctor who prescribed Bendroflumethiazide 2.5mg per day for 14 days and arranged blood tests

Not to alarm you but my swollen ankles were due to heart failure resulting in fluid retention ... Why not go the right way and take yourself to A&E .... I know it sounds drastic but I asked my doc why my ankles and feet were swollen and she replied 'don't know' ... I have since changed doctors !! The hospital do all the tests as it can be a process of elimination and a different doc looks at things in a different way !! Actually when I saw 1 of my consultants when visiting A&E she saw what was wrong with me and realised they had a guy down the corridor with same symptoms which they decided were the same as mine so treated him accordingly and it worked for us both !! Take care ... nothing worse than being ill and scared xxxx

Thank you for replying to me. Appreciated

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