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X Ray

I was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis just over ten years ago. I do run a lot and get few infections. However since April I've become much more breathless than in the past. Recently had a chest X Ray and it came back with the comment that it showed indications of COPD which was a surprise. I'm seeing my consultant in a couple of weeks who will no doubt clarify.

Is it possible to differentiate between bronch and copd on an X Ray.

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Hi you need to speak to littlepom as she is the expert on bronchi. I know very little about it except that bronchi causes the lungs to expand causing them to have pockets which can hold germs etc. I also know from others on here that having copd and bronchi together is not unusual.

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Hello Pilch55. It's nice of lilaclill to say that I am a bronch expert but I leave that to the true specialists. I do have 64 years of experience of living with the little beggar though. There are some people on here who have been diagnosed with COPD as well as bronch. My consultants have always insisted that what I have is bronch, not COPD,even though I have a moderate element of obstruction in my spirometry. As long as you are seeing a true bronch specialist and not a general chest consultant who is more used to treating COPD you should be getting the right treatment for your bronch and any element of COPD which may be there. There is one thought, about five years ago I started getting very breathless in a different way from my bronch. All the docs kept insisting that I wasn't handling my bronch properly ( oh yes after 60 years). It turned out that I had developed heart problems, AF and ventricular dilated myopathy. It might be worth getting your heart checked out. I hope that helps.


Thank you Littlepom for your reply. I've had ct scans etc to confirm my Bronchiectasis. I just hope the radiologist misinterpreted the X Ray result not knowing my full history.

I'll update after I've seen my consultant.


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