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i first started having some difficulty in my breathing, about a week ago. since yesterday, the weather has been cold, and EXTREMELY humid, and my breathing has gotten worse. my mom, dad, and all five of my siblings smoke.

right now, i am absolutely unable to breathe. my chest feels very very tight and i literally do not have any air to talk at all.

i went to the doctor two days ago, and the doctor told me that i have severe asthma. he told me and my mom that i need to get two inhalers, and a nebulizer mask/machine. my mom never even got the medication! he was also literally ABOUT to give me an oxygen mask to wear to help me with my breathing, but before he could, my mom started yelling at him, and said that "i don't need an oxygen mask" and it's "stupid". fortunately, my doctor made me wear the oxygen mask for three hours, and it really helped me. but my mom hasn't spoken to me since!

my breathing got a lot better after using

the oxygen mask, but it is bad again.

anyways, today i told my family that i need them to call an ambulance, but they said that i am just making this up. so i don't know what i should do, since i can't talk, but i also can't drive a car.

well, since CANNOT breathe AT ALL, i NEED an ambulance, and i don't care if my parents and siblings "don't want me wearing an oxygen mask bc i will look like an idiot", because i probably NEED to wear an oxygen mask.

anyways wish me luck, i am calling an ambulance right now.

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Good luck and do what the doctors say. You should not be around family that all smoke either. Take care of yourself. Xx


Good for you. I think your family's attitude is awful. Are you of an age when you can leave home?


Good luck๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป


What a awful time you are having your family should not smoke around you when they know how poorly you are .I do hope you can get to a hospital and get help thinking of you x


My Daughter as asthma. I did smoke but never in the house and I made every effort to ensure that I did not share my bad habit with her. Your family need education about your condition to say the least. I was given a number of medications to help my daughter during the times her asthma became severe and on two occasions still needed to ring an ambulance for further support. Your life is too precious! If in doubt ring 999.

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Well done Sam 3356, hope you get over this severe asthma attack without lasting damage to your airways. Take Care xx


My heart goes out to you Sam. I wonder if your mom somehow feels it's a criticism of her parenting that you would need oxygen? It should be obvious to your family that smoking around you is a major problem.

For different reasons in my 20s I delayed calling an ambulance for far too long - it was the first time Id been so breathless and I didn't know what was happening and my fingernails were blue by the time we called. I was immediately put on oxygen when I got to the hospital and was there for a week. So this is important Sam - asthma needs controlling and you really need this medication. Otherwise this will keep happening.

Im just glad you're so clear about your needs as it must be so very hard to be experiencing this pressure from your mom - good luck and please let us know what happens.


Sam, do what is good for you,someone asked if you are of an age that you could leave home, but I doubt it if you went to doctor with your mum,seems to me you're family don't care about you're condition so it's good that you do. Hoping you manage to convince your family about your medical problems.

Good luck.


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Hi, I'm guessing you're in America. Do you have anyone else in the family who cares? IE aunt, uncle, grandparents? I really hope you do. As others have said your asthma needs controlling with the inhalers. One inhaler will be a 'preventer' to keep your airways open & to be to taken morning & evening. The other will be a 'rescue' inhaler, to be taken when you're breathless & before going out in to cold temperatures or before exercise.

Some of us can be born in to a disaster of a family and survive with flying colours - you're one of them for sure. Hang on in there.

Try calling that doctors practice and explain, ask them how you can get the inhalers.

In the UK we have a system you can join for cell/mobile phones where we can dial the emergency number then text our needs. Hoping you have this too wherever you are .

Look up breathing techniques on YouTube, particularly pursed lip breathing, Buteyo technique and graphics of how the lungs and airways work. My son learnt how to hold back the asthma coughs to get some air in when he was young (he had a bully of a sports master at school).

I'm wishing you the very best to get through this. Peege


Such a great reply Peege. It made me think of a couple of things - Sam it may feel like you can't breathe IN but with asthma the important thing is try to breathe OUT. What can happen is that in our desperation we gasp for air, and the volume of air that is left in the lungs becomes greater and greater until there is hardly any room left and we are just breathing into the top of the lungs and there is not enough room left for sufficient air. So breathe out and have faith that you'll get enough air in. This won't solve your asthma but it will help stop it getting worse when you are having attacks. Also try to keep your shoulders down.

If you're still at school, is there a teacher you could talk to and explain your situation? I think someone asked here whether you had other family members - aunts, uncles etc - you could get onside. I can't see this now, maybe they are editing it, but I really hope there is someone who you can talk to and who will understand.


Aw thanks my dear O2. Feel for this young person. As a child I used to get a thumping for incessant coughing and dismissed as pathetic when I lost races. Mum's only brother had severe asthma so she at least she knew what it was. There's no excuse in 2017 ffs


hi there sam, ive have had copd and asthma for over 3 years and i am only now having my very frist asthma attack. my breathing got very bad for the past two weeks, i didnt even know what it was untill i saw my doctor 3 days ago.

my asthma is difficult to control and yes people do die from asthma attacks.

you say that it was very cold and them it turns to be very hummid, the change in weather plays a big part with breathing for asthma suffers. as do allergies.

what ever medicine the doctor or the hospital has given you must been taken.

Sam, your family have very little to absolutey no understanding what you are going through.

you need to tell and ask the doctor or nurse to help you by talking to your family on how you are suffering.

you post was some time ago, i hope you have had some treatment and you will be fine.

let as know how you getting on

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