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Just when I thought I might be turning a corner


I thought I was making some improvement going to PR Twice a week although I'm lagging behind others done 10 so far 4 to go I had oxygen put up last week but it is still dropping Been as low as 45 oxygen nurse coming back in 2 weeks looks like another hike don't want to .My panicking was getting a lot better till tonight couldn't get my breathe very low sats and pain still got it breathing calmed down but it is so frightening hope I don't go back over take care x

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Hi Margaret hope you are ok, please try not to panic. You are going to be fine, PR will be helping although you may not realise it.Was going to message you later today to see how you are, please take care and I will be in touch later. Love Bernadette 😳 xxx

Thanks Bernadette feeling a bit ropey today but hopefully it will pass have you had your results x

Damon1864Volunteer in reply to Time_2_drink

Not yet Margaret still waiting. Have a lovely and much better day. Chat later. Love Bernadette 😳 xxx

Hi T2D, Sorry to hear you are having a bad Time. You have done so well even to complete so many PR sessions. PR is not a competition it's about achieving what you can. In your case just getting out of the house and attending is a massive achievement on its own. Anxiety is horrible and even me, Mr Positive will have bad days. I feel what you have done over the last few weeks as been very positive so keep trying. We are all here cheering you on and will of course support you during your efforts.

MoyB in reply to Badbessie

Couldn't put it better myself! We're all behind you, Margaret! x Moy

Time_2_drink in reply to MoyB

Thank you moy it's good to know support is there x

Try and stay calm and see what today brings. You have come so far Margaret and l am thinking of you and wishing you well. Xxxx

Time_2_drink in reply to sassy59

Thank you sassy Frank been doing some breathing with me last night to get my sats up and stop the panic hope today is better xxxx

Hi Margaret, you take care ,I'm thinking about you

Dorothy xx

Thank you Dorothy I am going to keep trying xx

You are doing really well, and this is just a tiny blip, so please put it behind you. Take care xxx

Thank you hope to get back to were I was just got to me the low sats breathlessness was awful and pain. but onwards and upwards hopefully hope all well with you at the moment xxx

Sorry to hear you've had a bit of a setback, but don't let it stop you carrying on with your PR etc. You've done so well & it was hot yesterday, which wouldn't have helped your breathing. Good luck with everything - you're doing great x

Time_2_drink in reply to Dedalus

Thanks it wasn't hot here about 16 degrees and it's rained most of he week too but thanks for your support x

I've been away for three weeks without ab internet connection so have been unable to read emails, but I was wondering how you were getting on. Glad to hear you've managed to do so many PR sessions.

Thank you 4 to go if I can complete .

Good luck!

You probably need some anxiety meds I developed anxiety after many hospital stays and you are right it is terrifying. Once my panic attack started I couldn't control it and would have to go to hospital in an ambulance. They put me on lorazepam for a while and then changed it to another medication I was pretty scared when they changed it because of the Lorazepam work so well you can go back and read my post and know what I've been through I'm doing a lot better now and you can't get through this just get the help and you need. Take care and breathe. Jane

Thank you Jane I will go back through your post s anxiety is awful this morning I encouraged my husband to stay in bed because I. didn't want to be by myself he is still asleep and I'm trying not to wake him he just woke up I'm trying to pluck up courage to have a bath isn't it awful to feel this way x

It is absolutely horrible I think I went to the hospital about eight times with panic attacks is pretty serious as I always stayed the hospital from 2 days to two weeks I felt like if I didn't get to the hospital I would die and I could not get out of the panic attack received them and I've got them out in public a couple of times as well I'm usually with my sister and she literally has to rub my back for about 15 minutes and wet me down with cold rags I haven't been in the hospital now for 15 months which I feel is a miracle in itself. My poor husband didn't know what to do he would offer to drive me but I felt he could not get me there quick enough I would be in the ambulance for about a half an hour before they could even transport me because I would be so upset I use essential oils now to calm me down and help me breathe. I am still experimenting. You will get through this I swear but make them give you something until you can get it under control. I liked the lorazepam because the the effect was very quick. They took me off because they said it can cause Alzheimer's so now I want a different medication that I take 3 times a day I've had no panic attacks and then working on getting my health back. Keep your chin up.

Awful disease it robs us of so much our self confidence is a big one. several months ago I went to tesco with Frank the first time any where other tha appointments since December. Unfortunatley I had a melt down in the shop and had to be took back to the car .I hoped I had turned a corner now but I suppose like everything we can relapse and try to get back to where we where take care

Hello Time_2_drink .

You've been marvellous with the PR sessions. Good for you. Well done! I find the heat can put a spin on my breathing. Please don't give up. You are trying so hard. Remember to rest. Thinking of you.

Cas xx 🍀

Thank you cas but we haven't had good weather till today where we liv e. It has been raining most of the week in the north east. I will keep trying. Hope you keeping well xx


If it's any comfort (and, frankly, I don't know why it should be), I've been at 24 FEV1 quite a while; however, yesterday I had another 'quickie' checkup for a cataract operation okay and it cam in at 22.

While having those low numbers is not "wonderful", it is what it is, there's nothing to be done about it. What I CAN control is my reaction and subsequent action to that news. I intend to "keep on truckin'"!!

I would suggest you do the same.

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