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Hi everyone I'm Sarah and I have had my ongoing problem for 5 week's now, I had a stabbing pain from my shoulder to my chest like a knife going through very painful, I contacted my GP and couldn't get an appointment,was told to go to the walk-in clinic that our surgery has each morning, upon doing this was told it was muscular and to keep on applying the creams and paracetamol, and in two weeks I was back with the same problem but more serious pain that it was taking my breath away, and yet again it's muscular, I knew it wasn't right and telephoned 111 for more advice and I was told to go straight to the hospital, I was seen almost straight away and was diagnosed with pleurisy and given antibiotics and a chest x-ray last Monday and the cocodamol are just not touching the pain, contacted the Surgery for a ring back, and was told that it wasn't a matter for the doctor to ring me back, no appointments till next week I don't know how long I can go with this pain, any suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated, the pain is unbearable.thanks for looking at my post.

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start the complaints process against your surgery for failing their duty of care. You weren't even given an opportunity for your pleaurisy to be diagnosed and pleurisy is dangerous, needing prompt treatment and investigation to find out if there is also a lung infection there. Also, who took it upon themselves to decide that a phone back for pain relief was not in a doctor's remit. Make sure that you go straight to the practice manager about this.


Hi and welcome to the forum. :)

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Tell the receptionist that it is not their job to tell you what is and isn't a doctor's problem when you already have a serious illness!


Welcome Sarah and do complain about the lack of GP care. Is there another doctor you can see? Hope you feel better soon. Xxxx

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Hi, thank you for your response I have now changed Doctors,and thank you for your kind thoughts x

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Welcome Sarah. I'm sorry to hear that your surgery have not given you the care you deserve. Sadly it's a common story among us! Good luck with getting the help you need, Brian :)


Go bAck to hospital.

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"Excuse me! are you a doctor? If not, can you give me your name and details of your medical training" would have been my reply to the receptionist. They are the absolute limit at times and I am inclined to agree with Littlepoms comment.


It's ok complaining but you need to short out your immediate problem. Have you a drop in centre near you? You may have to wait but a least you will see a Doctor.


Hi thanks for your response I have now changed Doctors and been given the treatment much appreciated for your advice.

Hi Sarah thats shocking treatment complain loudly and kick butt i think im 1 of the lucky few to have a really good surgery and Dr hope its sorted soon and you,re feeling better sending love and hugs xx

Hi, thank you for your kind words, and thoughts, XX

Hi Sarah,

Like the others are saying write and complain about the doctors and the receptionists too, now as far as any other advice i hope you have this at your hospital or clinic, i went to ambulatory care which is part of the walk in service for accident and emergency at my local hospital, they are very helpful and see you quite quickly, they also make you feel welcome and the specialist doctors on call and at the clinic if they are not sure they will send you for all tests and take bloods and get you the right meds. hope this helps in some way all the best and get better soon.

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