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Ambulatory adventures


The newest member of the ambulatory o2 club

Had his first visit out in years to a local pub

With pass in hand he went by bus

No parking worries it was a plus

Some people stared at his Gadget and pipes

Some even offered handy wipes

But give or take a sniffle or two

His Sats stayed up and he didn't turn blue

He met a friend of his dear wife

And mulled over life's troubles and strife

The food was awful it all tasted like prunes

But what do you expect from Wetherspoons

So often we sit at home alone

With not a soul to even moan

So Above all else it was a pleasure

To discover that in this sad life there is still leisure

Though the real moral of this story is

Have only one pint or you will need a p***.toilet visit(self edited)

Love to all Mr mobile xx

P.s Scruffy wrote this on her catpad.

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There you go! Have a good time and it comes naturally . 👏😀

Bravo, well done you👏👏👏👏, I hope you enjoyed your pint even if the food was disappointing. Now the adventures begin.........

Well . Done I wish. I had the confidence to do what you have done. Maybe one day. I'll see you in a wetherspoons take care

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It's what you are working towards, Margaret. 😀

Scruffy does really well as does her owner.

Glad you had a good time out and about skischool. Xxxxxxxx

Love your post! And good for you. I'm so happy that you can get out and about now. It really does make a difference. :-)

Hi SK, now that you've rejoined the outside world perhaps you could give up the poetry and just give us incisive reports from the front. It would spare our ears and eyes having to grapple with clangers like 'prunes and Weatherspoons' and you could stop blaming poor Scruffy for you're lack of talent :) Leave the rhymes to Don and let us know all the ins and outs and ups and downs of getting about with ambulatory 02. So far it seems to be all ups and this is such a refreshing change and such an encouragement to those people who know it's just a matter of time until they too will be using it. Bravo to you on getting straight out and about and off to the pub.

Well put

Ambulatory oxygen can be a life changer! You get a few funny looks (give them one back) but the embarrassment I felt when I first went out with a POC has long since gone and nobody else really cares anyway. Go for it!

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