More pills to be taken, so I can keep going as I was.

Hi guys, things have gone better than expected. I can now add mild heart circulation problems to my woes. Given my exercise history, I have now been put on nitrates twice a day to enable me to continue my exercising regime, had I not been exercising as hard, I would not have been called in to see my GP at all. My new pills are to open up the arteries.

A big load lifted off my mind, I might have to tone things down a little because the summer heat is affecting my blood pressure, other than that, all is good, to carry on as I was. Nice to know that the doctors have listened to what I have told them I was doing with the exercising. So in a way, it was urgent to get the new meds on the go, but not as urgent as I first thought, given the tone of the receptionist's voice over the phone. Not a quite a false alarm, but almost.

Thank you all for the support, keeping on an even keel is difficult at the best of times, when you are already ill, knowing there can be complications, it makes it all the harder.

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Very pleased for you that things turned out much better for you than you expected!

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Hi 2greys, pleased all positive as u are amazing. Could you share ur exercise regime. Exercise never been a strong point of mine, but since giving the cigarettes up have far more energy, enjoying walking but need to do more. Thank you in advance πŸš΄β€β™€οΈπŸš£β€β™€οΈπŸŠβ€β™€οΈ

There are at least two others on here who do a lot more than me!

There is no secret at all. Static exercise cycle to warm up (10 mins) followed by 20 mins to start and 6 weeks later 30mins on a rowing machine on the highest height and highest resistance. I do this everyday when the weather is not suitable to be out in, I start exercising 10 mins after I have taken that evenings puffs of Fostair (a combination inhaler).

On fine days I walk 2.5 miles to a pub, have a pint and breather and walk back again, when my better half is on a day off we both go and have a meal, as well as a pint. But here is the kicker, the outward journey involves going up two steep hills and down one, the return journey is going up one and down two. I live in a valley, no matter which way I go, it is uphill first. I also live in a maisonette up three flights of stairs, if I need the loo straight away it's four flights. We have lived there for over 30 years so I am used to it. I have posted photos of those two hills previously,

As you can see not exactly a flat route, it took me 3/4 months of my regime to be able to do that walk, starting after finishing my Pulmonary Rehabilitation with the six minute walk test distance of 350 meters. It takes daily dedication, no slacking. Even when I had an infection, I still did gentle walking for a week. I will be 67 at the end of the year (well my body will, mentally....? :) ) I also have poor circulation in my legs that is also getting better as I do more. To date the farthest that I have walked without stopping is 5.3 miles of The Old Hamble Rail Trail. A long way from my darkest hour with this disease of just 35 yards and gasping. The stairs at home, I am back to doing two steps at a time, as I always used to. Don't get me wrong with any exertion I am still puffing and panting like a train there is nothing I can do about that.

I expect you are so relieved now. Your exercise regime sounds like really, really hard work, I'm exhausted just reading what you do. You're a credit to us all. Lilian xxxxxx

Thank you 2greys for your detailed answer very inspiring and yes I think I will invest in some exercise equipment. The summer is great for exercise and working full time adds to my exercise. Well done on the hills I hate them but will push myself. I will try a few zig zags at the beach. Hope you had a good sleep 😴

Working full-time? Welcome to an exclusive club, congratulations, there are not many of us that get that choice, to remain at work. If you are capable of exercising then you owe it to yourself to do it.

Phew! Glad to hear that things aren't as bad as you feared they might be.

That's good news better than expected I'm pleased they have got you on meds to help x

Yes it was and what a surprise my doctor remembered about me (I wonder if it is in my notes too) that could have been dodgy, goes to show, being up-front with your doctor is a good thing.

I expect it's in your notes and wow what a doc that reads your notes before you get there for appointment lol there few n hard to find πŸ˜€

So glad mate that the news was better than you feared. I now can uncross my fingers lol!

Cheers for that I wondered where my luck had come from :)

Not luck deserved good fortune for the hard work you put in!

Good result then Don, well done you! Xx

Delighted to hear the news wasn't too bad. With all the work you put in, you deserve a good result. Onwards and upwards !

I always knew exercise was bad for you :)

Great result

That's a relief that things weren't as bad as you were led to believe. And it's good that they now have you on medication to help the problem!

Been traveling on the road and out of touch for a bit. So glad this turned out to be a simple solution of just adding pills! Happy to hear your doc is behind you on continuing your exercise regime. It is that time of year to be mindful of heat and humidity, but I know you're watching that. Hey, opening up your arteries might just enable you to do even more :) Sending hugs from across the pond!

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