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Listen to your lungs

Hi guys,

Hopefully by now you’ve come across our “Listen to your lungs” campaign. We’ve launched an online breath test to help people decide whether they need to see a doctor about being breathless.

So far over 250,000 people have taken the test! And 67% of them have been referred on to their GP!

Now we’re entering the final phase of the campaign and we’re looking for people who would be happy to share their story to highlight why this is so important.

Have you been diagnosed since taking the breath test?

Or maybe you’ve been diagnosed for a while but wish you could have used something the breath test to help you get diagnosed sooner.

Either way, I’d love to hear from you. Either on this thread or by messaging me directly.

Thanks guys!


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I blame GP's for not making me lung aware PERHAPS if would of been tad interested AND made me aware of lung health both smoking and occupation I might of taken tad on board.

But as was none or little interested from GP's on my lung health when tad younger .... state n me are both paying price now.

Can it continue given rise of copd in developing countries ... guess it can if easy come easy go commodity.

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As long as cowardly governments continue to legalise tobacco, the incidence of COPD will continue to spread globally, as tobacco consumption is rising inexorably in the less developed world, whilst slowly falling in what we call the developed countries.

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