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Bronchiectasis, Pseudomonas and Pregnancy?


Good day everyone.

I am new to this forum and it is indeed very helpful! Currently in the hospital, getting IV treatment for Pseudomonas. also diagnosed with asthma and bronchiectasis.

My question and worry today is, what are the implications of these conditions on getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy and ultimately giving birth to a healthy baby? Me and my husband want to start with Invitro fertility treatment but I am scared that the pseudomonas would affect or transfer to the fetus. And if I do get sick or the pseudomonas show their appearance again during pregnancy, the antibiotics that I would need to take would also have a negative effect on the fetus. Did anyone perhaps also go through this while pregnant or know more about this and the effects on pregnancy?

Thank you in advance! Greetings

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Hi there. I am now 67. I have had bronchiectasis for all of my life. I got pregnant naturally and easily twice. I had very easy pregnancies despite having to leave my home in Lebanon in a tank and arriving back in England as a refugee during the second one.

Both births were very quick and easy ( probably because of the regular muscle movement of coughing up).

I wasn't colonised with pseudomonas at the time and luckily only had one exacerbation during the second pregnancy which was treated with amoxyl and didn't affect the baby.

Neither of my children have bronchiectasis or have been affected by it. In fact they are both disgustingly healthy with children of their own now.

I suggest that you get your chest consultant and your gynocologist to cooperate with each other. You need them both to know of the situation and as there are very few antibiotics that can treat pseudomonus the pregnancy must be taken into consideration of course if you need them. Of course this also applies if you are going to breast feed.

Also, you need close contact with your chest consultant and cooperation in this from your GP. You need to be kept as well as possible during the pregnancy and any exacerbation knocked on the head very quickly. This ensures that your body is giving enough oxygen and nutrients to the baby. The bugs in our chests do not usually get into the blood stream and so the pseudo should not affect your baby. I don't want you to take my word for it though and this is why you should discuss the situation with both doctors.

Good luck, I hope that everything works out fine and that you soon have a lovely little baby in your arms. xx

Some great advice there from littlepom. Welcome to the forum. :)

Hello there. So nice to have you here. Welcome to the forum. I'm sorry I can't help you with your question, but I would say the best people to advise you on this would be the physicians that know your condition and your medical history past and present. I really hope it works out for you.

The best of luck to you.

Cas xx 🍀

Thank you all really appreciate the tips and encouragement!

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