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GP Appointment part 2

Well on Friday i finally got to see my GP

He wasn't as grand as i thought he would be

Hello how are you he asked me politely

undernourished with heart beat a little bit flighty?

No remember i completed your online test

I just wanted to put my mind at rest

It said that i was probably depressed

You sent me a text "please come in and be assessed"

Oh did i really i wonder why?

Here's a card for therapy,take care, goodbye

Wait a moment i hastily replied

What about my copd i could have died?

Well here.s a spirometry test from last year

20% fev not too good i fear

Sorry has nobody showed you it yet

Perhaps its time for a serious bet

I,ll wager your not here in 10 yrs time

You won't collect say i you'll be in jail for crime

He rose and showed me to the door

I left depressed i wanted more

Enough of this hows Scuffy i hear you cry

She,s asleep on my bed where i want to lie

i'll give her a nudge and maybe a treat

Anything to get her on her feet

Later when i am fast asleep

She will pee on my head and make me weep

Love to all

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Oh skischool what a tale. Not good, not good.


Or was it poetic licence?

Kate xx


Hi Katinka,The bet was poetic licence but the rest is pretty much factual,i only got the copd results as i asked for previous figures amongst other stuff to take to new consultant,Though complaints are working as i have an invite received today to go to the hospital on Monday for what i believe will be 6 min walk test for Ambulatory

But i could,.t get spiro done at surgery as no appointments available until end of July!

Anyway chins up its a small drop of progress,hope all is well with you and BB.xx


Hope all goes well for you tomorrow x


Skischool not a great result

Terrible really but not your fault.

Scruffy will help to cheer you up

And help to half fill up that cup.

Take care xxxx


Love reading your rhymes. I'm in hospital with pneumonia but this made smile. Thank you 😊


I hope you get better and return home soon Jummie. Lilian xxxxxxx

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If it made just one person smile then it was all worth it,Hope you recover quickly and return home soon.best wishes xx ski

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As long as Scruffy's okay :)

Doesn't sound like the best GP visit ever. Better luck on Monday and try not to fall over the traffic cones.

Thanks for the giggle :)


Wishing you the very best of luck with the appointment tomorrow. XXX

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