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Weather and Aspergellosis


Hi I have Severe Asthma and ABBA- Allergic Aspergellosis and have recently been diagnosed with bronchiolitis. I have been feeling breatheless on and off over the last two days and am not sure if the weather is affecting me? Last year I had a bad attack and the weather was warm and wet? I ended up in hospital for three days then. So I am unsure about what you do. I usually wheeze with my asthma, not wheezy now. Any thoughts anyone.

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Hi, Debbie. I don't have the conditions you have, but my COPD is affected by the weather, particularly wet and humid weather, which makes me more breathless. The amount of pollution in the air can also affect my breathing, making it harder to do things. The weather here in south Cheshire has been mixed, often damp and drizzly, with moderate pollution levels despite the UK map showing pollution in the area is low.

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