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GP Apointments


Remember when we used to phone our surgery and ask for a GP appointment. and we got

"sorry no more appointments to day"

"Is it something you can discuss over the telephone".

"For wheezing and puffing and chest rattles i can see there is a free appointment with the practise nurse next month"

"Have you had your flue jab" Etc Etc

Now there is a better way,on most GP's surgerys websites there is a Self Assessment form for depression.For those suffering said condition i Sympathise sincerely

but most of the questions duplicate our conditions for a lot of our time

i,e Weight loss,Sleep problems,fatigue,lack of appetite,Moody and wondering if its all worth it.Rambling or being silent Etc Etc

So i filled in said form and within 12 hrs i had a text asking me to arrange an appointment with the GP,Massive result.clever beggar thought I but it has still taken a week to book it .But it just goes to show that with a bit of skulldugery you can push the odds in your favour a bit.

love to all skischool

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Hi Skischool, sorry about your situation. I must be very lucky as I can always see my GP on the day I ring. Doctors have phoned me on a number of occasions as a follow up to blood tests or appointments. There are good GPs out there and I hope you can get a better service in the future.

Best Wishes,


skischool in reply to Helen6

Helen i am so pleased that you have a good GP it gives me some reassurance that the system isn't broken everywhere,thank you.x

Ohh Sooo naughty but niiice 👍✋️🙌. I like the way you think.

Thanks for tip Skischool.


Iv never had a problem seeing my doc on the day I ring or getting my script when I need them again. I get a call back if I need one .The only problem I have sometimes is getting through her who must be obeyed (the receptionist whose middle name is god) ...i would consider changing GP if you can ski and this may help you not to be so mischevious in thinking about plans to create mayhem regarding appointments lol butt I love your train of thought in being so crafty so keep sending the ploys you come up with and happy hunting 😀😀😆

there are 14 gp's at my surgery, and if i try 2 book an appointmemt between monday 2 wednesday there all fully booked and im told by the receptionist 2 ring every day 2 see if the,ve got cancelation's or book an appointment for the following week.

i rang the doctor's yesterday 2 make an appointment, and told them i have copd and that ive got a bad chest infection, and was told i cant get an appointment until next thursday but 2 ring in everyday 2 see if the,ve had any cancelation's

Doctors surgeries will always be hard work due to some folk with hypocondria ! lol ... I changed my GP because I could never get an appointment and even worse if I ever ran out of meds ... the new surgery is like a miracle place and I feel so much better and when I ring for an appointment and they haven't got one you can have the duty doc call who decides if you need to see somebody that day or go to the hospital or will even get a script to the chemist for you ... so different to my last one x

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