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More confused than ever

Today l had lung function tests. Not nice, not least l am claustrophobic and sitting in a teeny box was stressful.

The operator told me my results were normal. What?

He saw that every test produced copious amounts of sputum but said the results were normal.

Now, lm confused. He said if he didn't know better he would think l had bronchiastasis. Nope! Scan ruled that out.

So results will go to consultant, and l will be sent a letter.

So, in limbo yet again. After waiting a year, no idea what's wrong with me. My hubby did say stop coughing so much! Yes, he was kidding.

Anyone else had strange results?


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Oh, how galling for you, Poohpoohmad. Hope they do eventually get to the bottom of your problems.

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Hi I've been coughing on waking and when eating for 18 months. Numerous trips to the doctors and a year of attending the hospital. Three consultants! First one said asthma, second said lungs clear it's a habit and third diagnosed Pulmonary Fibrosis! Number two and three saw my HRCT scan. Second said I didn't breath deep enough on scan and third said the edges are Fibrosis!

I walk between 6-10 miles a day. Go to the gym, Zumba and badminton plus other exercise classes so it's all a bit weird I think.

Only diagnosed two weeks ago but the 'results' seem odd. I had a rheumatoid factor of 51 in 2005 and told go away you're fine! Now it's 22 and they are all telling me it's not fine!

Hopefully others in here will be able to advise us?

By the way I have all the paperwork saying lungs clear etc so I'm totally confused and still coughing on waking but I never cough when I'm sleeping.

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It's just as you say, frustrating! Last night l felt such a fraud. Doesn't help that th consultant said because am so over weight it's just that. Well matey been like this 44 years and l wasn't always obese trust me.

It's almost as if, nope, can't find anything so it's your own fault.

I badly broke my leg a few years back, yes, l was told it was because am obese, so l tripped and fell because am fat! No!

They have tunnel vision. I have works from being 16, l do feel l have a right to the NHS since lve paid in almost 40 years.

I swear they see, fat, lazy, thick.

No, go to gym, not lazy, am a teacher so not thick either.



I feel for you. Sadly it seems that quite often doctors and nurses don't have enough training in the emotional affects an illness can have on you. Hope you get it sorted out soon.


Each consultant seems to have a different opinion so how on earth are we supposed to know who's right! I like consultant number 2 as he said I'm fine. I would ask for a second opinion and also check your consultant has discussed your case with other consultants x

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Good idea. Thanks


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