17 COPD Stress Management Techniques

This is an Excellent Article. Many of the ideas can be used daily even if one does not feel stressed.

Worth a read. Click on the following link.



Gerald from Tasmania.

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Thanks for that Gerald, hope you are well. Xxxx

Good to hear from again, it's been too long. I thought about you when I saw the film, 'Lion', it's set in Tasmania. What a beautiful part of the world.

K x

Well, part of it is, a lit is in India.

I sneak on most days. xx G

I must have missed your replies but a while since you posted?

Good to see you Gerald. I hope you are keeping well. Thanks for the link. :)

Thank you MM

Thankyou. A very good read. A must for all copd sufferers

Excellent article - even for those of us without copd. I'll definitely be hanging on to thus. Thanks Gerald. Peege

A good summary, and great to see you again, Gerald.

Hi Ergendl, I think everyone can get something from the article. Nice to be back in the fold. G.


Thank you for the pointer will give it a go. Have you ever read any of the Pulmonary

wellnes books.com by Noah Greenspan, certainly worth a read.


Greenspan is excellent reading. Especially his articles on airway clearance

Thank you - that's definitely one to save. Nice to hear from you again, hope you are well.

Hi Magpuss. Something for everyone in this article. Good to be back xx G


Glad you read him, lots of info. Good luck keep well.


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