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Disappointing hospital visit

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Hello again everyone i hope you are all keeping as well as possible.

It's been a while since my last post ( so may be long winded ) well 15 weeks to be precise, this is since my last hospital visit where it was discussed that my case/condition has been thoroughly examined i.e. Xray's, treatments, A&E visits and overall deterioration of my lungs over the past 6 years, and had been suggested by other Consultants and Surgeons at another Hospital, of only Two options, Endobronchial Coil insertion, or double lung transplant.

It's been 3-1/2 months now and following Further A&E visits, Being housebound and on new medication including home and ambulatory Oxygen and constantly agonizing over the eventual conclusion, i returned to hospital today to get Confirmation of the decided course of action, after struggling to get there and struggling with my Anxiety and Depression, my name was called, and once being wheeled into the room by my Brother and connected to my Oxygen, i was faced with an assistant who i had never even met, She had no records or notes, told me my consultant was away and made me an appointment to return in another 3 months.

Is it just me or do i have a right to be really disappointed ?

Thank you for taking the time to read this Folks.


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How very disappointing for you.

you have a right to be disappointed! That she had no notes or records is not acceptable. If you are unhappy with the course of action or consultation I would write to your consultant stating your concerns about your treatment. If no joy from that speak to Pals.

Thank you.

You have every right Joe - that's [censored word]. I would call your consultant's secretary and see if s/he can get the new appointment brought forward.

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O2Trees in reply to O2Trees

To whoever altered what I wrote above - MrsM, that you?

Please try to find a more creative substitute for 'sh*t' than 'rubbish' which doesnt give the same effect at all. Now there's a problem for you - this will read 'substitute rubbish for rubbish' if you do the same thing again! :D

Thank you.

That is totally disgusting. If your consultant was not going to be there they should have changed your appointment. I had an appointment to see my consultant 7/6/17. And had it changed to 6/6/17 as he was on holiday. And got plenty of notice of the change.

Thank you, i can understand Hospitals are under certain pressure in other departments but they could have at least contacted me.

Disappointment doesn't begin to cover it. Try outrage? Spitting blood? As already suggested contact PALS or the medical director of the hospital.

Thank you.

Yes you have every right to be disappointed with the way your appointment was handled . I would ring consultants secretary and ask for earlier appointment or like others have said contact pals.If you don't feel able to do that right now could your brother do it on your behalf ? Three months is a long time to wait for important news I feel the system has let you down badly hope you get things sorted soon

Thank you, i'm going to make some calls.

You have every right not to just feel disappointed but let down too Joe. Not great treatment but sadly it seems to depend where you live. Xxxx

Exactly right, Thank you

Really disgusting, a complete lack of organisation from (mis) management.

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Billiejean_2 in reply to 2greys

disgusting just about describes it. It's mind boggling that people can be subjected to such casual cruelty because intentional or otherwise, that is what this is. If it's any comfort to you, know that we are outraged and furious on your behalf.

Thank you so much.

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josepboyes123 in reply to 2greys

Thank you

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josepboyes123 in reply to 2greys

Thank you.

Hi Joe,

I don't think "really disappointed" covers it - does it! I'm not sure if you were at a private Specialist's rooms or at a hospital. Do not accept the three month delay. Ring, or go in and see them. If you can't, then hopefully your brother can. Explain the urgency of the situation. Explain the "no records" when you came to your appointment. Explain that the consultant was away. If that doesn't work - and often it will - then I have now learnt to do what my friend does - Go to the top. If it is a hospital, go and see either the Manager of the hospital or check out their complaints section and lodge a written complaint. Explain that your health is such that you cannot wait for a three month appointment after they completely messed up your previous appointment by a)Not informing you that your consultant was away b) Not being prepared by even having your notes with them c) Not immediately (because of the seriousness of your situation) giving you a much sooner alternative appointment.

I believe that people are usually helpful, so the above should hopefully get you a quick appointment. If this is not the case, the next step is to go to your local parliamentary member and see what they can do. I wish you luck and helpful people around you!

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josepboyes123 in reply to Tugun

Thank you so much

Brought tears to my eyes to think of all the hassle you and your brother went through for absolutely nothing. Have they. No feelings? Something wrong with the system, very impersonal, it has become so large that too many people involved in each case. Wishng all the best in the future. iris x

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josepboyes123 in reply to Lyd12

Thank you.

You have every right to be disappointed and upset Josep. That is just not on I would have been absolutely livid. You have had some good replies which I can't really add to. But make sure you get that appointment asap. Xx

Thank you Sheilab, i was too upset to make a call yesterday, i was hoping to feel better this morning but after a terrible nights sleep i feel even worse, i also have Anxiety and depression issues which does my severe COPD absolutely no good at all. i have comfort reading all the replies right now and as my nebuliser slowly takes effect i'm feeling determined to get some answers today.

Thanks again.

Anxiety and depression are well known to me, not pleasant. I take meds to keep it under control (had a bad time with it for a couple of months recently though) feeling good at mo. I trust you have spoken to your GP about this? Lack of sleep on its own is bad enough! Now make that call! Xx

Thanks again Sheilab iv'e called them and awaiting a call back. i'll keep you posted.

I agree you have been poorly treated and PALS is the first route

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josepboyes123 in reply to Offcut

Thanks Offcut, i'm awaiting a call back from them


Hi seems like you have had bad case of inefficiency the hospital should not have called you in knowing the specialist was away. I've had appointments cancelled by the hospital when they discover the specialist is not available.

They appear to be offering you 2No types of treatment, one of which is a double lung transplant, It may sound rude but what is your age otherwise wellbeing?. My GP and specialist advise me I am too old and unfit and therefore cannot be considered.


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josepboyes123 in reply to lKeith

Thank you IKieith, my main frustration was the fact they didn't notify me, however, i managed to contact PALS and awaiting a call back. I am 45 years old, ex- Joiner/Carpenter.


Thanks for your response, age is on your side for the lung transplants & providing you haven't got too much MDF & sawdust inside you have a great chance with the transplants.

Unfortunately doesn't do my argument any benefit I'm much older & commercially not a good bet.


Hello again IKeith, although i'm quite young i have worked in some awful conditions over the years, from massive construction sites such as schools, colleges and hospitals ( ironically ) to small extremely dusty workshops and was never supplied with the correct protective equipment, it was always a case of "crack on or look for another job"

Up until 4 years ago i was a smoker but never a heavy one, and my consultant confirmed that the severity of my condition is not consistant with that of a smoker at my age (40 at the time) and given my occupation, is more likely to be industrial related which makes me wonder, my employers were responsible for the correct protection, so if someone's to blame they should pay for my treatment.

Kind regards.


Not the medway hospital was it there good at that.

pals a waste off time..been there had similar problem..pals at my hospital are HOPELESS...they rang me back ok...buthink was sorted...they just did ZERO..................a waste of a phone call ....PALS. are as useless as the NHS trust.......hopless useless im only talking2 weeks ago 2017...pals are inadaquent....people are in for a shock....they are not interested in your complaint...goodluck if you are in the midlands do not waste your money on phone call

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