Thanks For ALL Replies DID See Dr About BP

Thanks For ALL Replies DID See Dr About BP

Well went and seen doctor about my bp she asked what I think went on .. Told her Saturday I had white poo So rather than panic I put it down to all peanuts I had eaten.

Anyway that night I was up all night peeing DOCTOR took pee sample and said was all clear as she thought I might have infection to explain BP issues.

She did pee dip test and was all clear SO she said would send off to labs BUT i would have to have prostate exam.

I said you ok all pass on that AND she told me it's simple we can do it or urology at hospital.

Guess doctor wins as not going hospital .. She told me my prostate might be enlarged and that might explain issues SO she said would see what lab says and if needs be will have me in on Friday for prostate exam.

Told me in mean time don't be checking my bp as all is fine.

Thanks again everybody for replays on previous post SORRY could not reply to everyone but my replies was all over.

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I am pleased you are getting it sorted out Jeff. :)

Cheers I never knew prostate issues are related to hypertension QUITE eye opener guess all find out one way or other lol

So pleased you went to see your doctor JAS and hope all's well.

I read your post to Pete and his eyes started to water, no idea why? 😀

You take care xxxxx

Thats good news Jeff, but not the prostrate problem, but at least it is being checked straight away, it is quite common in men as they mature, my hubby had it bit of a nuisance but these days there are lots of tablets to treat the symptoms. Fingers crossed for you to get everything sorted Best Wishes, and don't be frighten to see DR for yourself.

I had a blood test two years ago and because my psa was just above normal I was referred to local hospital to have my prostate checked,if you have to go don't worry about it the examination is over in seconds and it is painless

Hi Jeff a lot of things can affect your blood pressure.. It's good you are getting your prostrate checked. My dad was dx with prostrate cancer. About 10 years ago he is 83 this year. Take care. X

well at least now you know that you are on the road to getting ALL the answers

well done

just take it easy till your next appointment mb by then you will start feeling a bit better

regular check ups at the doc aint so bad

High your doctor gives good advice. Even using the right sized cuff on a blood pressure machine can give an error of 10%. There is a mathematical formula to give you an exact size required but due to the expense of producing individual cuffs they accept that there can be a small error in the size ranges produced. If you have a cuff that is to small it will give a low reading and if you have to large a cuff it will give a higher reading. So it's very important to ensure you have the cuff size to fit your am.

yep - don't get checking your own prostrate, too.. lol

White poo often a result of gall bladder problems, stones or sludge blocking duct. Usually accompanied with excruciating pain. Here's hoping it was the peanuts but if happens again see GP about an ultrasound scan. The wife had it. They were going to send her home from A&E until she puked on the Dr.

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