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SHOCKING : Gardener killed by toxic bacteria in his hosepipe

I know BLF don't like talking about Legionnaires’ disease but today's headline is worthy of caution WHEN in garden.

I for one did not give house pipe second thought when I have been using it NOW I think I might think twice given my infection rate.


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why does no one like talking about legionnaires in my opinion people don't talk about it enough and think you did a good think by posting this. I remember my doc thinking I had this once from air con in Canada.


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Hi I did post on nebulisers and legionnaires and went missing but that was good tad back.

Thanks for the link JAS, the hose in the photo is like the one we use. Pete likes to water the plants and makes sure the hose is empty before winding it round the tap. I will show him the article though. That poor man. Xxxxx

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Hi Sassy can't say I have ever let water empty out of hose THINK all stick to watering can or buckets from now on :O

Hi Jeff, it's a lesson with that type of hose to let all of the water out after turning off the tap. That is what they are designed for. They start off talking about pneumonia and then suddenly it's legionnaires with no evidence. Typical Daily Mail scare mongering again.

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Hi USALLY dial mail as good Heath things think it's only thing that is these day's

Defo agree out that as water trapped should be vied with extra caution espicaly if diseased

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yes sure. We are all in a position where we should be cautious. I don't put my head into compost bins either! I think that this paricular case is quite unusual because we usually tend to be pointing the hose away from us towards plants etc. Because he was washing the patio the poor man created a mist around himself. Legionnaires can be treated with antibiotics if caught soon enough. If there is an up side for us we are always on guard for infections and hopefully would get help quickly.

Lesson to be learned for expandable hose owners: Empty The Hose.

I hope all is going well with your Dad.

Like you never gave it a thought I have one of those expandable hose pipes but even with them I'm not sure you can completely empty them ?

I know this post is a year old, but as a gardener wanted to comment :)

Very alarming for those who risk health and life through gardening for sure.

Gardening can be both rewarding and dangerous. + and - with all it involves. In my view the rewards outweigh the risks, below links are on the risks and cautions with gardening, not to mention the wounds you get from the Rose thorn, ouch they hurt, tear skin and bleed, have to be so careful with any wound you get in the garden for sure.

Gardening harzards general:

Composting hazards

Hazards are worth noting for those who are not already aware.

There are loads of health benefits too many to mention all, but I am sure most gardeners have a fairly good idea. A web search reveals some interesting reading about the benefits of garden and even some bacteria found in the soil :)

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