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Today in manchester .. I thought i had seen everything but guess not.

Guess H & S people EU would have some thing to say about that.

Wheres her hard hat hi vis jacket n boots :)

Those in flats have my sypaphy if thats what have to do for own space

I thought i was suffering and at risk of A + E visit but she beats me hands down

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That certainly made me chuckle this morning

Made me smile JAS, she definitely needs a garden. Xx 😳

in reply to sassy59

Defo agree there ... already have sore neck lol

How else do you tan the backs of your legs? :D

in reply to mrsmummy

Don't think it's tanning more how you base em lol

Great minds think alike apparently :)

What WILL the neighbours think😄😄😄!

in reply to Magpuss

Think we all know what she thinks about that lol

Wow does she know folks are taking pictures! Hope she does not get a headache from being upside down . What fun ! Thanks for spotting .

in reply to fcag2001

Don't think she cares :)

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whitetip in reply to

freeee dom !!

Is that common sense or just plain common lol . . . X thanks for the laugh x

in reply to jjnanna

That's a first ... Might even be one for record books as most extreme way of sun tanning :)

Defo made me laugh :)

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Magpuss in reply to jjnanna

Jjnanna, the latter, me thinks - common sense would surely take her to the park with a blanket and a good book.........Of course she just may have a happy go lucky, devil may care attitude to life, in which case she's probably great fun to be with if a tad embarrassing at times.🙄😳😄

She's probably suntanning the backs of her legs :)

smh......and what does she do when she is too cold? Inquiring minds want to know......lol lol lol

How do you know it's a female?

very good but I would not knock H & S nor EU rules on some things as we have seen recently when you start deregulating you open the way for money or profit to be put in front of peoples lives with as we have seen, horrific results - most regulations are there to protect us as consumers, tenants, clients, service users etc. and the only people to really benefit from deregulation are the big corporations, landlords etc. don't be fooled by those who politically champion deregulation they are not doing it to protect the likes of you and me just the opposite. sorry feel strongly about it especially after the tower fire and although I know your remark was just bit of fun that sort of comment plays into the hands of the deregulaters and feeds their propaganda. xxx

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whitetip in reply to undine

I think a light pop at H &S rules is harmless given that no stone is unturned 're our safety . .I work in the building trade and at last the worker's safety is priority so I agree emphatically with you that hopefully once we move out of EU these measures won't be compromised for private/corporate profit

Yeah funny !! she's just trying to energize herself . .!!

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