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Diagnosed this week

Hi I have been diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis and I also have Alzheimer's with Posterior Cortical Atrophy.

I have been living in apartments for people who have dementia in Northern Ireland. Our apartment is near where the bins are stored and I have neighbours who leave food out for the birds. This brings seagulls who pull bins out and there are contaminated pads with gloves that have someone's blood on them. So you can have all types of waste that blows around and ends up in your garden along with pigeons dirt and now the birds keep coming back on the roofs.

I have tried to find out if this is a risk to my diagnosis but cannot find anything that tells me this may make things worse. I have contacted Environmental health and the housing association that we pay rent to. They don't want to know or even put a sign up to tell people to not feed the birds.

Can you help? Have you any suggestions?

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Looking at your picture of hazardous waste and flammable material, I am shocked that no one is taking any notice.

There is clearly a health risk, which requires some kind of response.

Is there other governing body that you can approach.


That's dreadful and l would try and get someone on your side who can get a council representative or the housing association to come and visit you and see what you have to put up with. It is a health hazard as Stone says. Xx


Bring to the attention of your MP?


Talk to the local Press?

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Contact your councillor, it is their job to help.

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As said, local MP and tell him/her that you will be informing the press and giving an interview. MPs usually turn up when press are involved, especially if they have been notified. If they don't turn up/or give any response to you you can relay this to the press when they ask you questions. .. " well I have informed our local MP but either he is far too busy to reply or he can't be bothered".

Regards JP


Councillor is normally the best and usually the easiest to get hold of,also they have direct input into your local council so should be able to ruffle some feathers(excuse my unintended pun)fairly quickly and also local press as recommended by mrsmummy.good luck in your quest.xx


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