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I won my appeal for esa got 16 points compared to 0 in January.....anyway when I had to go onto jsa for 2 weeks then back on esa while I was awaiting my appeal the welfare rights lady that come with me said I will get back dated monies from January but I told her that I'm not due any cause my money never stopped but she still thinks I will get something ?? Anyone else had the same ??

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Well done. I have just had my assessment and am dreading the result.

If you were already on ESA, it is more per week than JSA so you will get the shortfall back.

I've read that new claimants will only get the equivalent of JSA, which is disgraceful.xx


Ok thanks well I think it was about 67p difference so I will be watching my bank account for the £1.34 and I failed the assessment because I could use one of my arms ..little advice you get the most points for mobility Ie not walking more than 50 yards not being able to sit for long periods at a time on my failed letter the doctor said she thinks I could definitely go back to work if I had a wheelchair !!! So I told the appeal and who's going to push be around while I'm doing my job cause I certainly can't but now iv got another one in another year to see how I'm getting on good luck with your outcome

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Great news.


Flaming ridiculous !!! They are making people feel absolutely degraded. You would think a Docter would have had more understanding. I can't believe a civilised country, could treat people the way they are treating us. xx


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