bifidobacterium and cancer

bifidobacterium and cancer

Having had few close shaves myself with cancer & tumor dx's that on further testing has resolved its self.

But as left my lungs scared graumomed up Gut bacteria as been of interest to me EVER since i sterilized my guts via antibiotics.

Gut bacteria can dramatically amplify cancer immunotherapy tumor suppression .

Surly more research should be done as i believe something changes in our bodies making us more prone to cancers.

I believe our guts bowls play a bigger part in our cellular health wellbeing.

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  • Hi Jeff

    I use a product called Biolive. It's a liquid and can be used to repopulate your gut with good bacteria. They also do a product to thin mucous called Breathease which I'm thinking of buying for my husband who has severe emphysema.

  • Go to your local library and take out or order I contain multitudes by Ed Yong. The Gut by Guilsborough Enders and while your at it The end of illness Dr Agus. Read with a dictionary and an open mind to hand.

  • Yes, plus a healthy gut flora helps enormously in maintaining a strong immune system to combat day to day bugs.

    I'm sure my daily dose of live yogurt and a capsule of probiotic (& I'm not talking about those expensive, waste of money sweet little drinks) is helping me to stay as well as can be.

  • Perfectly true!! it's amazing what your bioma can do, for instance

    Microbiome: The Inside Story

    How to Develop a Healthy Gut Ecosystem

  • I'm with you on that one Jeff. I have a bio-live, full-fat plain yoghurt every day. I read recently that more of the good bacteria survive in the stomach if you have bio-live yoghurt than taking them in capsule form. I also have a daily pre-biotic.

    Doctors should encourage patients to take probiotics when they give out prescriptions for antibiotics.

  • I just looked up Bio Live, very interesting. I'll recommend the Infant Goo to my children for their babies.

    Luckily it was a good GP over 30 years ago who told me to always use acidophilus with & after antibiotics (wonder what kind of a wreck I'd be if I hadn't listened)!

    Which prebiotic do you use please? I'm about to buy Inulin.

  • I'm getting this one Recommended in a recent Michael Moseley programme. I expect they're all very similar.

  • I've used Jarrow Lactoferrin for a while. It has good reviews. However I'm now going to Google the others mentioned in this thread....


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