Happiness Meter

They measure our Sats for 02 levels

our lung capacity like bags of Revels

our ABG.s for Acid and Alkalosis

Our sleeping state like it,s Hypnosis

But nobody measures our Happiness

Perhaps they think it will cause distress

I,m waiting for that magic Meter

That will tell me if i,m a happy Geezer

I,m trying Don it,s blooming hard

We need more output from our Bard

xx to all

6 Replies

  • Happiness is a tweeting bird

    And other things happily absurd

    Like watching your cat

    Catch and eat a rat

    Or watching your dog

    Eating like a hog

    Or watching your kittens

    Putting on furry mittens

    To play in the snow

    And putting on a show

  • Don will have our whatsits for garters.xxx

  • He will know he has competition :) xxx

  • Brilliant skischool loved it! Don has competition now! Xx

  • i can not compete with our Don,that was a one off fuelled by a day of sunshine and perhaps too many glasses of red wine in the evening.xx

  • Hey, this is Bard worthy! :-)

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