A Sad Day As We Lost the Fight :(

A Sad Day As We Lost the Fight :(

As some of you might remember as well as fighting my health issues we have been fighting to stop the build of 300 houses immediately outside my house. The council rejected the proposal in support of the residents as there are other (Brown Field) sites available in the village but the governments Inspector overturned the villages wishes and granted permission to build on the green fields 6 Metres from our front door .... Well they started on site this week. The first thing they did was flatten all the wild flowers and shrubs we put 8in years ago which attract wild life, without asking if we wanted to retrieve them. This will be my view for the rest of my life now, gone are all the wildlife I watched and fed :( the windows are kept closed due to the dust, and the noise of excavators and trucks all day long is soul destroying.

Ironically these houses which some are supposed to be 'affordable housing' start at £195k up to £450k which is far from affordable for the North East


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  • That is so sad Plumbob, I feel for you. :-( Progress marches on trampling all in it's way regardless. :-o

  • Hi Plumbob. If the dust is too bad then as with a recent post about smoke complain to Environmental Health that it is causing a statutory nuisance to your health, they can force the developers to use "best practices" and order that they damp down the dust, which they should be doing anyway.

  • Hi 2greys

    I have contacted Environmental Health as after doing some research of my own the contractor (Taylor Wimpey) have not produced an Environmental report / survey which they are supposed to do before the start !!! Also there is a special clause in the Government Inspectors report which states they must consider my condition /welfare before they start on site. My complaint has now gone to the County Councils, Development/ planning Dept who grant permission to work etc. If that's not successful next week it's off to the media ......I will certainly ruffle feathers !!

    Take Care Plumbob

  • Well done :)

    All too often I find that construction companies (builders) have an attitude problem and use bullying tactics. I am having a fight with my council over dust and smoke from a "concrete churning business" that has sprung up behind my workshop, I am into the seventh month of it. They need a license to operate, and they do not have one. So I my opinion Southampton City Council are aiding and abetting a them by not closing them down, which makes they just as guilty of committing an environmental crime as the business is. They are also failing in their statutory duty "to improve the health of the residents" also a crime!

  • You keep fighting and get the media involved. It's worked wonders for me because I've had to fight for everything including a Blue Badge which the Media managed to embarrass the council to give me one. Never give up because your the underdog just do your research first

  • At the moment I am being fobbed off by the Governments Environment Agency, The complaints procedure is quite a lengthy road, the further I go along, it the greater the story will be if I have to take it to the press.

  • That's the attitude you've been forced to take Plumbob I really hope and pray that the County Council Planning Officer,looks at your appeal without any bias! If all else fails then I'm certain your local media- radio station and local newspapers will be only too willing to do a feature for you. Best wishes and no doubt you'll be keeping us informed.

  • Squirrel the media is one of my bullets !!I won't stop build but I can be a pain like they are to me, but do my research first!!! -I found out this morning that they have started without all the official paperwork being signed -So I've sent an e-mail to county to ask why -Someone will get slapped wrists :)

  • So sorry to hear that Owen, really sad. It all looks so very close and should not be allowed. There are no niceties or courtesies anymore.

    We have building here too that is also not affordable. The smallest property starts with a 3. Our daughter and son in law can't afford to move.

    Take care xxxxxx

  • Hi sassy

    It's so hard for first time buyers my son like many other rent property because they can't afford to buy, and because they rent they can't save up for a deposit !!!!

    Ironically what annoys me is that just behind the sheeting will be a new main road into the village which is narrower than the original road ! I have never heard of a main road being re-routed through a new housing estate !! It's ridiculous. and we have no right for compensation !!!

  • I think you do have rights for compensation and are being fobbed off Owen. Xxxxx

  • I've looked into it Sassy. Unfortunately you have no claim over views or light and they even say a new development can enhance areas and therefore increase house values !!!!! .... The only claim my wife can make is if there is a definite big increase in traffic noise, which there will be. As the contractor have not provided a environmental report before the start of the works how do you prove what the noise level outside our house was (even though it was about zero except for the birds singing)

    You can only try and make a claim when the construction is complete (I won't be here then ?) And I think my wife will struggle to make claim. But I am borrowing some equipment to take my own readings at a time when the excavators aren't running hoping it will be sufficient proof for my wife !!

    Take Care Owen x

  • I do wish you and your wife well Owen and think you are being treated appallingly. Take care xxxxxxx

  • oh dear plumbob. I do feel for you. We have just had a development approved by the inspector on the field behind my house. Despite the fact that it runs contrary to the housing needs for this village and the village plan. They cant claim that any of these are affordable as this builder starts at a million. Try to stay out of the dust etc whilst they are building and buy a good pair of earplugs. BTW prior to applying they destroyed about 20 trees and the bat roosts in them. Was anything done to them? Of course not!

  • Littlepom

    Profit over people there are plenty of brown field sites around us but that reduces profit !! There are a few run down villages around us which would benefit from development but again that would reduce profit margins !! it's so frustrating !!!

  • Very sorry to hear this Plumbob, how stressful and miserable it must be for you. Heartfelt commiserations. Peege

  • That's really sad ,once again the little man loses

    Take care


  • PS I think it would be worth investing in a humidifier to help with any dust inside your home Plumbob.

    I've experienced one shaped like a large egg, it was utterly brilliant in an extremely hot & dry home. P

  • You have my heartfelt sympathy, the loss of a pleasant view along with all the wildlife is more than just 'bad enough', but the loss of the peaceful privacy of your own garden is soul destroying. I feel very sad for you.

  • 😩 so sad x

  • So very sorry that this is happening. I really feel for you. XXX

  • What a dreadful shame. Lilian xxxx

  • How sad and soul-destroying.


    K x

  • I am so sorry.

  • A number of big houses were built behind my house too....none of them were ' affordable' ....ancient trees were cut down as they were deemed to be diseased!

  • Profit before people unfortunately knitter :(

  • I'm so sorry you lost your fight, Plumbob. It must be really depressing that the wildlife's been destroyed, and on top of that the dust and pollution won't help your health problems. We need our greenfield sites!! Sue x

  • Your so right Watfordgirl and in my case I sit looking out that window most of my days being more or less house bound ...looking out was my heaven watching the wildlife .... Not any more :(

  • Oh Plumbob I'm so sorry to hear this. I suppose (trying to look for positives) you could eventually grow something to hide them. I can imagine your heartbroken, and rightly so. Xx

  • Unfortunately Sheilab I'm on borrowed time and would not have time to see things grow. Watching the wildlife was a big part of my day being practically housebound :(

  • Sorry to hear that Plumbob, I am end stage with heart failure so every day is a bonus. Think it makes you realise it's the little things that matter, none of which help your current situation. Maybe you can enjoy the goings on (only joking) though it's bloody heartbreaking. Xx

  • Bluetooth -Houses will never improve the view of the countryside and having the main road re-routed to just the other side of that screen will not add value to the house. Unfortunately I won't be around on completion !!! The Government Inspector who granted permission stated that one of the conditions of the contractor was that they must consider my welfare during the contract ?? At the moment I believe they haven't even produced an Environmental Report for the works, and are classing the start of the works as an Archaeology Survey !!!! There is a lot of big excavators on site for an Archaeology Dig ??

    Take Care Plumbob

  • plumbob..your right houses are not an improvement to the country side..and having a main road re-routed to outside your front door will not add value to your home. and i did not read up on your other posts so was unaware how poorly your health was. my reply was writen with the best intentions, but am happy to delete it. and wish you all the best.

  • No need to apologise Bluetooth-I have always remained positive and never once been down -(some people can't understand it though) I accepted it 4years ago and sitting around being sory for yourself is not my way You want to enjoy your life and not sit there miserable worrying about something you cant avoid -Smiling uses less energy than frowning

    Keep sucking it in


  • I'm so sorry to hear this. You must be heartbroken. As others have suggested, a new fence and new shrubs or trees are probably all you can do now. If this is to the front of your house, how is the back ? Is it somewhere you can enjoy looking at and sitting in ? I hope so.

  • Hi Billiejean Unfortunately the main road into the estate is at the back of the house but when we purchased it the views from the front easily compensated for that !! The new development is rerouting the Main Road into the village just behind the sheeting (10 metres from our front window) so there is basically 12 houses stuck on a traffic island ?? Unfortunately I am on borrowed time so planting shrubs and trees is not an option and the front of the houses are all open plan so fences are not allowed !!!

    Takecare Plumbob

  • That's a disgrace. Sounds like the owners of the 12 houses might have a case to fight for compensation but I know that's not much use to you at this point in time. Quite apart from losing privacy and views, the noise, the dirt, the disruption would be devastating to anyone, let alone someone with severe health problems. Could you get a journalist or regional TV station to pick up the story, come out in the middle of the day and report from the scene of the crime. Because it is a crime, a crime against humanity.

  • Hi Billiejean - The media is one of my bullets!! I know I can't stop the build but I can be a pain in the A**e with them as they are to me !!!! ...... But I do my research before firing my bullets and this morning I have discovered the contractor has started before all the paper work has been signed and permission was given to start !!!! So I have sent an e- mail off to council to ask why ? watch this space cos somebody is going to get slapped wrist :)

  • Yes !!!

    Bring on the harassment.

  • That really is too bad. I recall the picture you posted a while back and it looked to be such a serine view plus the wildlife makes for a lovely place to live.

  • Cheers Jackdup I have just posted a then and now pic on HU thanks to my wifes IT ability to joins pics

  • so sorry to hear your news yes affordable housing is laughable here in Cornwall too - everything at the moment is for profit and 'sod' the environment or the wishes of local people - we need a new housing policy or better still a change of government ......

  • That's so cruel,my heart goes out to you,what a horrific loss.

    The price of progress they keep telling us,it happens over here too,the dollar signs are the only ones that count today sadly.

    Anyway get the press on your side,& give them all a headache,

    Take care,& all good wishes to you & your wife xxx

  • Thanks Wendells X

  • That is just awful, especially as it is being done with no right if appeal. I would contact the Daily Mirror with your story and photos.

  • Azure

    The Local papers always have a grievance with the county council and love stories like this so I'm just waiting for the right moment to tell them, as I know I can't stop it -But timing of bad publicity is key -I don't get ANGRY but I do get EVEN LOL


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