Confusing news!

Well after my good news three weeks ago where the consultant told me my problems were due to scar tissue from my previous radiotherapy and not bronchiectasis I've now received a copy of a letter that the scar specialist has sent to my consultant basically saying he won't make me an appt as the problems I've got are very unlikely to be caused by the scar issue and more likely early bronchiectasis! Not sure where I go from here?? Got an appt for physio which is good but I suppose I will just have to wait for the next appt with my consultant and see what that brings!

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That is very confusing. Hope you get some conclusive answers very soon. Xxxxx

Thanks xx

When is your next appointment with your consultant Knicho?

I really hope you get the answers very soon.

love cx

Not for another 3 months as he was expecting the scar specialist to see me in that time and offer some solutions/medications I think. Meanwhile I am on mucodyne and fostair and the warmer weather seems to help so not feeling too bad at the moment x

It's not too unusual for there to be some confusion as to diagnosis at the beginning but hopefully they will get there in the end. :)

Glad to hear this.. in my naivety I thought that will all the tests I've had done it would be a straight forward answer but clearly not! Thanks x

Oh dear ... how confusing and frustrating. Seems to me bronchiectasis isn't very well understood by consultants. I got in a right mess with the 1st one I had then managed to change hospitals and consultant. As always good luck and keep us updated. As you say key thing for now is having Physio help. Xxx

Sorry about all the mixed messages. I'm afraid it is not unusual. Most of the scans I have had have needed a second opinion to sort out what is going on. When you do see your consultant try and go with a clear idea of the outcome you want.

All the best

Thank you I will xx

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