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Constant stabbing pain in chest

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I have been having a constant stabbing pain in my chest when I breathe in, I have been to the doctors but it seemed like they wanted to get rid of me as soon as possible and put it down to a pulled muscle after listening to my chest.

Three weeks later I still have the pain, not as severe but it has moved.. It started in the center of my chest then about a week later the right side of my chest and now it has moved to the left side of my chest. Now it is more of a constant dull ache but I do get the stabbing pain if I take a deep breathe, it does not hurt to touch. I am kind of in two minds about going back to the GP as I don't want to be dismissed again within like 5 minutes.

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take your pain to the GP and be a pain in his or her side,that is why they are paid over £100,000 a year to sort out your pains,back to your GP with you,don,t hesitate or feel like you are being a burden they are paid to get you right. and tell them skischool sent you,We can both be a pain in their sides,good luck my friend

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Hear hear skischool you took the words out of my mouth. I find a lot of doctors are becoming complacent but as you say they are being paid to do a job so get it done properly.

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Thanks! I will get down there and give them hell.

So many different things can cause chest pain. I suggest you go back and tell them that it is continuing and that you are worried, which in itself should be enough to trigger further checks. Welcome to the forum. :)

Your pain could be due to many things. If it is not related to your lungs as such then they should have given advice if it is related to muscles etc.

I have had pain like this and it can take many weeks for it to go. Like others have said the doctors should have done more. Go back.

I went to my gp yesterday with chest pain. First they did an ECG then saw the doctor and she took my oxygen level? The finger clip. Then blood pressure. Listened to my back and chest. Said there was infection and to take antibiotics, and gave me a repeat prescription to hold in reserve. Come back in a week if no better.

Hello sorry your pain issues have not been resolved.Go back to your G P, explain again.Pain within the chest is not uncommon with related conditions / disease, but tell your GP you would like the cause identified.Muscular pain can be a horrid and can take its time to resolve.Some medications taken long term can cause there own issues with Muscular / Skeletal pain.Having another look at you generally your G P will either be able to refer you or reassure.Good luck 😄 .


Chest pain can be many things so a return visit to GP would be an idea. Don't be chucked out! Sit and demand they seriously look at reasons.

I have stabbing pains in my back when l am exercising or just hanging the washing out, same as you on inhalation.

Been told it could be muscular as l cough so hard and so much, but l have found if it gets worse l have an infection going on.

Hope this helps.

There should be a reason for your pain.

Do you cough a lot? When I do over a period of time, the muscles around my chest hurt when breathing.

You may have an infection of the lining surrounding your lungs.

Or a mucus plug in one of your lung's lobes.

You need to go see your doctor and he/she should take you more serious, if not, find another doctor that will.


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