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Walking Frame Gliders UPGRADE

Walking Frame Gliders UPGRADE

As anyone used Walking Frame Tennis Ball Gliders.

My dads been using ski type gliders and worked well BUT now given condition and shape of frame the gliders get stuck in door way's and threshold given he's escalating condition.

He seems to be attracted to walls doorway's when walking with frame.

So i was looking for something that would not get stuck on corners or table legs and come across these things called Tennis Ball Gliders.

Have read you can make your own but they also do profesional made one's i.e medical grade.

And there only type i would buy SO just thought i would see of anyone as used them.

Cheers thanks

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Hi Jeff, never noticed anyone using these type of fittings on a walker myself, sound good but I'm doubtful as they only seem to make the walker glide more easily. Hopefully someone with experience might answer your question later, have a good day.


Hi Katie cheers have never seen them used eather.

Was looking for something to stop legs walker geting stuck on corners.

Did think might work SO might just giv them a waz see how he gets on :)


Let me know how it goes if you do try, as I have a freind who uses one, one day in the not so distant future may need one myself :) :)


What a good idea JAS. Maybe you can make some for your dad. Xxx

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Hi sassy cheers think be just as easy to buy em.

The do medical grade ones AM sick of having to unstick his walker from corners.

If this some where to get stuff my dad will find it.

When he gets stuck is like stuck robot :O


People use them here in the states all the time on their walkers. They work really well. But here folks just use tennis balls. I put them on my mom's walker. It's really easy. You just mark an X on the ball and use a box cutter and cut it, wiggle it onto the leg of the walker and there you go. Very inexpensive and very useful and easy to replace when they become worn.


This looks like a good idea. I hope it solves the problem. :)

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