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We have just returned from a short holiday in Dorset, where I found the short slope up to our rented cottage made me so out of breath that I couldn't cope, and the farmer opened the yard gate so we could drive right to the door. It made me realise I really must press for the ambulatory oxygen assessment which I have heard no more about, so I contacted my consultant's secretary only to find there were three outstanding letters from appointments in February and contacts in March! She emailed them to me and I discovered a letter which should have gone to my GP asking him to sort out the assessment with the nurse from the Welsh NHS . This was written in May! Anyway I am seeing him next week and now have ammunition to press for assessment as the consultant obviously wants me to have oxygen to improve my quality of life. The secretary still can't spell, and is obviously very disorganised but at least when I asked I got the letters, why should I keep having to chase things up though? Hope things improve.

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Hi oxygen is only given if your sats regularly fall below around 88. It is used to support your other organs and won't necessarily help you breathe better.

It usually does improve breathing though, LL, even though it's not given for that reason. Also I have recently found out that ambulatory oxygen is given if your sats fall more than 4% below your resting reading on exertion. So if you are 95% on air at rest, and drop to 89% on exertion you would be likely to be prescribed oxygen.

Ok. I am only saying what I have heard others say on here, but will bow to your greater knowledge. xxx

:D Well I have also quite often seen people write that it's given for sats below 90%. I always thought that odd but maybe it was to do with what i said above. Im getting my oxygen back now even though I seldom de-sat to 87%. But I do go down more than 4% from my resting level, usually about 6%. I was very surprised when the resp physios told me that. I don't know if it's new thinking or not. xx :D

Who knows? They are always changing things.... :) xx

I hope that you can get what you need Carnival and soon. Take care xxxxx

The assessment is what I am asking for then at least I know what's what! However, the letter from the consultant to GP confirms I have very severe obliterative bronchiolitis, not COPD, as well as bronchiectasis and that oxygen will improve my quality of life.

I really hope that you get what you need Carnival, and very soon. Good luck with the assessment. XXX

I do hope you are accepted for ambulatory oxygen because my son has it and it has made a big difference to his quality of life. All the best

Now that my consultant has got involved I am sure things will change. It is the Welsh English border again, because I don't attend the Welsh hospital the nurse comes from. All very complicated! Thank you for telling me about your son, it gives me encouragement. I hope he is keeping well.

Yes he is at the moment thankyou.

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