blood test results and uncomfortable decisions

blood test results and uncomfortable decisions

That is position i find myself in .. blood test results and uncomfortable decisions.

Could disease illness be any worse .. Well some might remember my dad had horrific time in hospital over xmas with poor care pneumonia aki and sepsis.

He come out of hospital doing well after my intervention AND things was ok we was over coming he's issues and getting out more.

Then we got results of DADs blood test AND now i face making uncomfortable decisions on how to proceed given results.

Long and short of it IS my dad as dangerously low white blood cellls and when i seen doctor they want to rule out a cancer by doing invasive test.

Am not sure my dad is up to test BUT he will be given benefit of doubt even if he don't remember.

My dads doctor thinks is cancer and if am honest am not surprised by conversation ITs just decisions i have trouble making.

Trouble is my dads quality of life and will test treatment cause him undue suffering harm given he's dementia altzemers.

He's my doctors know i don't like palliative care in anyway or form so i find myself just us getting on with life with what ever none invasive treatment is

That is not going to cause my dad any undue harm or suffering.

In my opinion dementia altzemers robbed me of enough quality time with my dad so am not going to let this now i have better understanding

Ever the optimist i am .. am just hoping it tad of Iron Deficancy

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Thinking of you JAS and hoping the news is good.

Hi Mrsmummy am not expecting it to be really.

But he dose deserve better than is had.

Ad not like to see him worry all the time

It is so tough on both of you. I know you will do what is best.

Hi cheers sometimes do question your judments but a see my dad at home happy.

Its painfull when ask's am ok art i

What do you say really HATE lieing to him.

But he is better of happy than sad

Oh JAS just when things are going ok for your this.

Is there no easier way to determine if your dad has cancer? It seems so hard to put him through invasive testing. See if you can chat some more to the doctor.

It's not easy and l do feel for you.

Thinking of you and your dear dad. Xxxxxx

Hi Sassy cheers yer i had good chat with doc when the sent letter.

She said she not going to shock him just see if he will go for further test.

Is hard really knowing what is best .. So when we go she going to try him on iron then re do blood test.

Hoping things work out well JAS. Take care. Xxx


Hi I feel for you but just want you to know my dad has same weird blood results. He has had numerous tests and they found.... absolutely nothing! Is just a quirk that he has developed and keeps popping up every now and again. I REALLY hope the same for your dad. But whatever the results know we are here for you.

Hi Bevvy Cheers thanks think you might have something there.

My dad suffers under active or over active thyroid.

This lots say it's precursor

Seen lots of horrid things with he's disease and what it dose.

Twice i have noticed he's feet twist behind other

Good thing was he had walking frame so never fell.

Am hopeful is like you say or just iron

Cheers thanks

I always find words so difficult to find in these situations. All I can say is my thoughts and best wishes are with you both.

Hi Cheers

Hello Jeff, that's a tough decision to have to make, however your dad does have a right to the test. What about speaking to a Macmillan nurse about your feelings as the doctor thinks it may be cancer. Hopefully it is not, but no harm in you discussing your feelings. If he were in a home, they would make the decision as to what was best for him, sadly this ones up to you, my thoughts are with you and hope you will find the strength to make the decision that's best for you both

Hi Katie Is all down to my dad really but i know given he's throat trobble he is not going to want camera down it.

Its took us 3 months to get him eating propper so if he dose have camea will put all that back.

Nothing is ever easy tho and as far as Macmillan they did cancer suffers injustice WHEN they told benerfits people with cancer can live normal life.

As we know everyone is diffrent AND sure a processional person with adminastrive job might be able to carry on but manual workers cant.

So if i do see them .. they are going to be told .

Hi Jeff did not know you had a bad feeling about Macmillan, my impression personally was not that good either. I just thought my expectations were too high but maybe not if others feel the same about Macmillan.

Understand what you are saying about the camera and upsetting the good work you have already done, so leave it to you to make the choice as you know whats best for your dad. I had to do it when my husband was terminal it was hard at the time but was the best for him in the end, now I have no regrets at the decision I made. Sorry for delay in reply having access problems with my computer amongst other problems healthwise & home maintainance wise. All have our crosses to bear :) enjoy your day. Agree totally with you about office workers being able possibly to continue working, manual is different because the physical demand is different. I was retired from a manual job on more than one occassion in my working life due to health issues.

JAX....So sorry for what you and dad are going through... There's a new test available in the states where they can check for cancers via blood test.. I feel for you as my dad is dementia as well..Best of luck to you and your precious dad..If you believe in prayer, my prayers are with you both..

Hi cheers sorry to read your dads got dementia MY dads not to bad really BUT as lost all short term memory.

Think you need that more than long term anyway know how hard can be SO if need advice am always about.

As to prayer am we are not religious but thanks for thought.

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