E-cigarettes ‘Potentially as Harmful as Tobacco Cigarettes’

“I never expected the DNA damage from e-cigarettes to be equal to tobacco cigarettes,” says Kadimisetty. “I was shocked the first time I saw the result, so I ran the controls again. I even diluted the samples. But the trend was still there – something in the e-cigarettes was definitely causing damage to the DNA.”



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22 Replies

  • Oh dear. I was so pleased when my eldest son stopped smoking and turned to e cigs. Sorry are e cigs the same as vapour? I'm not sure

  • There are different types but yes, you are inhaling steam essentially as opposed to burning tobacco smoke. They can give off different chemicals if the coil overheats but you can taste it when that happens. I wouldn't know if they are safe for long term use but as a giving up aid they are proven to be better than anything else

  • Big ouchie for those who vape!

  • Thankfully I was able to quit going cold turkey, the fright of waking in the night not being able to breathe 6 nights on the trot made it easy and then 6 weeks later came the diagnosis of COPD which firmly put the lid on it. I had previously tried many times to give up, without success and amazed how easy it was when I absolutely had to give up.

  • They certainly don't feel unhealthy when you use them, not on the scale of cigarette smoke anyway. Not sure about long term but they certainly get you off of cigarettes and are easier to give up as well, I guess inhaling anything other than fresh air is a risk but if they help people quit cigarettes im all for them

  • Where does one find fresh air roey 123? Your walk in the High Street will give you more pollutants and particulates then could ever be found in an e-cig.

  • Just what I didn't want to know. What with the stress I'm under at the moment, it's ecig or have a major meltdown.

  • Obviously you have to take the e-cig route, for now, but it makes sense to give it up in the future, if you can.

  • My chest while smoking was terrible, within days of using an e cig my wheezing had stopped and I could breathe easier, that must tell you something

  • Hi roey, my younger brother has been vaping for three weeks after my nagging him for years about his terrible morning coughing episodes.

    He is delighted with the results because by day 2 , his cough has stopped. He couldn't believe how easy it was. xx

  • Thats brilliant, far better than smoking, the only thing I will say is to change the coil when you start to get a burnt taste. This can overheat the liquid which may ( not been proved either way) add more chemicals to the liquid.

  • Sorry, just to add, best to get liquid from a reputable place as well, at least then you know whats in it

  • Carry on vaping casper - I've been doing it for 7+ years and my health has improved out of all recognition. Try to read between the lines - who stands to lose the most from people getting more healthy and needing fewer drugs, especially the nice solid market for "treating" respiratory disease and the lung cancer therapies? The Pharmaceutical companies regularly pay out millions in fines - check it out on google or wiki - but if you're making billions or trillions that's chicken-feed. Vaping has the potential to save a billion lives this century, look at the video on uTube and please, whatever you do, don't go back on cigarettes. That is just what Big Tobacco and Big Pharma want. No-one has died from vaping in the time I've been enjoying it so forget these so-called studies. Happy vaping to you.

  • I agree Dragonmum, I am cutting down on the strength of eliquid but, at the moment, I'm too stress out to pack it in. Thank you. xx

  • If you look deeper into the research the conditions within the lab did not conform to human use. A dish is not the human lung and in studies that actually used humans these results could not be replicated. There are risks to ecigs but this study should be treated with caution.

    This company intends to sell there little Gizmo to the public. Remember that in the UK this company would not be allowed to make this claim without proof. Interestingly their evidence as not been peer reviewed nor confirmed by other independent researchers.

  • Very good points. I learned early on to look at WHO had conducted the research and what they got out of it. Also to look at HOW LARGE the sample was and whether the results had been REPLICATED by others. Often a company with something to sell will test a couple of dozen people and reach quite dodgy conclusions. Not that I am saying this is dodgy but just not to take everything at face value.

  • They mention in their research an alternative method of conducting their research using different equipment methods etc. They say it is very expensive etc. But they fail to do a comparative study between the two! Surely if as they say the other other equipment as proven results then they should be falling over themselves​ to validate theirs? Or am I just Mr Doubtful...lol

  • It's not a secret, the best and only thing we should be inhaling is fresh air.

  • .....and of course our inhalers.

  • Where can we find fresh air - with all the pollution about?

  • I believe the testing that has been done was performed on liquid that was far hotter than any coil would heat it for when you inhale. Most devices have an auto shutoff to prevent them overheating

  • They actually produced "dry burns" in several studies - any vaper would confirm that such a thing would be utterly repugnant and impossible to inhale.

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