Have been given this three weeks ago. I find I have choking sensations from excess fluid in throat. I have copd bronchitis am on ventolin seretide and spiriva. It's making me feel v embarrassed Am drooling and spitting fluid when I speak. I also have reinkes oedema which means my vocal chords are I flamed. I've had it for a year now. V hoarse all the time. Is it normal to have this dribble on the throat with carbocysteine?

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  • Hello claracola, Pete takes the same drug but cannot use the full dose as the mucus just flows constantly. Speak to your GP and tell him how you feel. Xxxx

  • Thanks for replying! It's not so much mucus as dribbling I my throat and it seems to come out of my mouth as drool!

  • Carbocysteine is prescribed to thin mucus Claracola as you probably know. It didnt work for me when I tried it several years ago. The runny stuff gave me bronchospasm. It works for a lot of people but if it's not for you then go back to your GP and tell her/him what is happening. You could maybe do as Sassy's Pete does and try taking half the dose, but best to see your GP.

  • Hiya v thanks for your reply. In a way it is working as it seems to be breaking up mucus in bottom of lungs but it's v this drooling choking thing that's really bothering me. I have a docs appt in a weeks time sob will tell her all about it. I try to talk with my hoarse voice and end up spitting fluid. V embarrassing!

  • I have same problem please let me know if u get a goid answer good luck xx

  • Hi Carol...thanks for your reply unfortunately haven't found the answer! Clare xx

  • I have been on carbocisteine for five years and sometimes have the same problem, usually when I am resting on the bed, but occasionally other times. I agree that it can be embarrassing but I have also find that I generally have less problem with sputum than I did, so it seems like swings and roundabouts!

  • Yes I think you r right is helping but I feel like I am spitting at ppl! It's not saliva it's from my throat which as I said I have problems with. Thankyou and everyone for your helpful replies!

  • Hi Clare. I've been on carbocisteine for about two years and have had no bad effect s from them at all and I assume they are doing the job of mucus thinning as that seems to be ok .

    But everyone is different.

    Have you discussed these problems with your nurse / G P as I think you should, and have you checked the list of side effects that are supplied with capsules ?

    Sorry can't be more help to you

    If you can use more thoughts on the matter just ask



  • Thanks graham I think it is helping if it wasnt drooliling got to laugh or you'd cry! I will discuss a lower dose with my doc who I am seeing next week.vthanks!

  • The thing is Clare if you weren't taking them would you be suffering congestion or infections ? .

    Take care


  • Yes I guess I would be worse off without them. Maybe at a lowered dose?

  • Yes you should discuss this with your G P or nurse my dose originally was 1 capsule four times a day but then increased to two capsules as I was still suffering.

    But if your not happy with the capsules I understand there is a liquid alternative which may suit you better .

    Take care

    If you want to discuss further or chat """""""



  • My dose is 2 3 times per day

  • That's about normal but is it doing it for you ,is it keeping it under control ?



  • I think it's early days tbh. I have heard it takes a while to work. It has deffo loosened up my lower lungs

  • Well you are doing very well ,keep up the good work .

    Do you have a lot of mucus ????

    You can click on my profile and message me any time .



  • I have had carbosisine for ages if I take it 3 times a day I find my sinuses get very dry, and I get some irritation. So generally I only take it night and morning unless I have a cold then increase to 3 times a day. Have found it very helpful indeed. Can breath through my nose for the first time in my life. (57)

  • Good advice ty....think maybe I need less on a daily basis and more with an exacerbation like you said!

  • Hi claracola, I see that you say that the carbocysteine seems to be breaking up the mucus deep down in your lungs. Are you spending regular periods of time making sure that you have coughed all of this up and completely gotten rid of it? It is my experience that sometimes some mucus is still lurking in the upper airways and in the area where your epiglottis is situated. When you talk the air that you are using for this causes that mucus to be expelled. The fact that you have reinkes oedema and inflamed vocal chords may be causing this mucus to be trapped and left behind when you cough out most of the rest of it. I hope that I have explained that properly.

  • Yes that sounds v likely actually and I probably need to do more coughing! Thanks for your help !

  • Hello Claracola. It's all about what works for you. I take Carbocistiene 4 x day, which keeps the mucus thin enabling me to expel as much as I can in the morning. I can get away with taking it 3 x day & increase it if mucus starts building up more. Also I have a nasal spray (1 spray each nostril morning & evening) which keeps the throat trickle under control, when I got that 'right' I found I could breathe through my nose for first time in many years. Again, I can reduce that to once a day at times. The combo seems to work for me. I take the same inhalers as you. I find that effective mucus clearance makes the inhalers more efficient so my breathing is as good as it can be. Your condition & medication is very individual, it's about monitoring it & your symptoms, finding what works best for you. Good luck, let us know how you are getting on.

  • Thanks for your reply that's I terrestial g about the nasal spray...I'll mention that to doc next week! X

  • I am sorry you are suffering like this, claracola. I have been on Ventolin, Seretide, Spiriva and Carbocysteine for many years, and I don't have any of the reactions you mention. As you have only been on Carbocysteine for three weeks, I hope that this is an intial reaction, which sometimes happens, and that it will pass. Kind thoughts, Albert. .

  • Thankyou Albert...Yes maybe just need it to settle in. It's not so bad today so that's good! X

  • I have found these tablets very helpful. I take two tablets three times a day and they have helped reduce my mucus production. I used to feel a lump in my throat from mucus but this is very much reduced now. In fact I now have a very dry mouth, which my dentist comments on, so I never dribble. Perhaps you should give the tablets a little longer to work. I do hope your problems will soon be resolved - at least the choking sensations.

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