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Hi I'm new to this - I have been diagnosed with COPD/Emphysema for about 2 years now. All my own fault for smoking those damned cigarettes.

I'm not exactly sure where I am with it but one of the doctors did mention that I 'have a touch of stage 2' - whatever that means.

At the time of my diagnosis they also spotted that I had an aortic aneurysm which I have since had repaired, the open method.

I did stop smoking as soon as they said I had a problem, about 14 days before diagnosis and am trying to up my fitness levels. My dog is loving the extra walks. I am trying to learn what the base level of my ability is now - but it seems that almost everyday is different; some days I can walk miles and barely get out of puff, other days 100 yards and I am struggling. Is that the same for everyone?

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Hi and welcome to the forum. Many congratulations on stopping smoking. You will find that there is no such thing as 'the same' for people with COPD as the variations are enormous. :)


I exercise and walk daily and find when I don't do anything even for just a day I find things harder the next day . Not in a breathless way just more tired than normal cause I haven't exercised the previous day but everyone is so different with copd and each stage is different for others xxx

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Yes, I'm just recovering from a chest infection and have done little for a fortnight now, but just getting back into the swing again and I'm struggling. Oh well, keep plodding I suppose.

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I hope you feel better soon but if not see your GP x


Hi and welcome to the site, it's great you have stopped smoking well done. At least you are getting plenty of exercise and the dog sounds as though it's loving it. Take care 😉xxx Bernadette

Hi Nige, The question of your baseline / what makes a good/bad day? I spent a long time looking and only found a partial answer, and particular for me, as we are all different. I kept a diary of how I was and as much data I could find on the atmospheric conditions. My theory being that it is the atmosphere that we breath, to remove the o2 from it. That would have the biggest impact to our breathing. I did manage to find one variable that had a match to how my own breathing is. But there are just so many variables and any of them could be what triggers a bad day for any of us, air quality is another factor to take into account.

As mrsmummy has pointed out we are all different. Keep a diary yourself and you may find a pattern of things that affects you. For me, air density is a big player especially during the summer months. Just in case it is of any use to you, here is an online tool, it is for the jet turbine industry but ignore that, it is just a free online tool, it works out the air density just fine:

I have my own weather station, and air density is actually shown as a direct reading :) which is how I stumbled on it first off. Forecasting it in advance, like the weather, takes some skill. I find it a lot easier to be able plan doing the heavier tasks on days that have a good chance of being a good breathing day. One of many little tricks that I employ to be able to still work full-time, self employed, with stage 3 Emphysema.

Keep up with the walking it is one of the best exercises you can do, and it's free ;)


Wow, that is so much information to take in - so many thanks for the detailed reply.

I have to admit that one trigger I have found for problems is alcohol. Unfortunately one of the many things I do is to brew my own 'country wines' and I do so like drinking them (Not only do I wait until the sun is over the yard-arm, I tend not to drink until evening at all).

But that isn't the only answer, there are days when I haven't touched a drop and still struggle, and days where I have no problem at all - even some days when I can do a little jogging or cycling, one of my favourites.

I'll start keeping a diary and see if there are commonalities - thanks for that idea.

The weather affects me too - I have a serious struggle to breathe when it's pouring down with rain, and humidity slows me down even if it isn't raining. I use my blue Ventolin puffer to help me do things those days. I'm at the mild end of moderate COPD, so probably also "have a touch of stage 2".

Hello Hidden . Welcome. I have a dog too so I take him out a lot. Some days it's easier than others. There are so many factors that contribute to our breathing being harder than usual or easier for that matter. Heat, humidity, dryness and the cold. Rain is always bad for me. But walking is so important for us. So glad you have joined us.

Best wishes.

Cas xx 🍀


It tends to be the extremes of weather that does for me; either freezing cold and windy or baking hot sunshine. I haven't noticed any problems with rain on its own.

All this that has occurred over the last 2 years has been such a wake-up call for me. As a full time carer we tend to ignore our own health and crack on with what we are doing and now I have to change that and factor in some 'me' care and attention. The dog is loving it - Billy 3 walks as he is now called is enjoying far more walking and so am I too.

Hello and welcome Nige.

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