Paralympic Discrimination

Pondering my Infinite wait for a pulmonary rehabilitation course and in the spirit of Self Help I thought why not train for the Paralympics and represent our oft forgotten band of courageous lung disease sufferers.

Imagine to my shock horror i discovered we do not qualify under the 10 recognised impairments,Such discrimination is indeed shocking and a sad relection on our global society.

However,casting dispair aside i suddenly realised that I and perhaps other members of our merry group could possibly be eligable to qualify under the catagories of Intellectual impairment and Short Stature,Certainly I for one would get 10 out of 10 for both classifications.

On a more serious note we could easily be disqualified for "doping"as both our cylinders and concentrators would be difficult to conceal and they would probably find traces of Steroids and O2 and possibly opiates in our blood and urine tests.

Think we might go for the Highland Games instead.

Best wishes to all

Mike xx

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Tossing the caber anyone? :)

Surely tossing the oxygen cylinder remember to remove cannula

Might manage a bit of tug of war, providing we're not up against any proper heavyweights.😀

I might manage to throw a haggis lol😁xxx

Bellingham Highlands Games in Ferndale, Washington offer "Nessie egg" hunting - think that would be my limit! (Oh, "Nessie eggs"? Small water melons exchanged for prizes!!)

You made me laugh this morning! Thank you!! :-)

Hi Mike. Firstly I am new to this - only joined up today but been diagnosed for about 2 years now. I have been following 'COPD Athlete' on Facebook - quite inspiring. I am trying to up my fitness levels, but not to the level of running marathons which believe it or not some of them do. Hope your training goes well.

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